Update on Jailed Videoblogger Josh Wolf - When Conservatives Attack!

August 23rd, 2006 by Alex

We’ve given you a couple updates on Josh Wolf, a videoblogger currently in jail for refusing to give federal prosecutors a videotape he made at a protest.

I noticed today that Hot Air, a videoblogging site run by prominent conservative blogger Michelle Malkin (who, as I’ve noted elsewhere, has ties to white-supremacist groups), has a videoblog today attacking Wolf for his stand. It follows the standard tactic practiced by Hot Air (not to mention Ann Coulter) - use a pretty face to hide the lies and the hate. This one’s pretty egregious, but it gets their viewer’s blood boiling - the first comment on the video is “Typical Godless liberal fool. Homegrown right here in the United States due to liberalistic ignorance and stupidity.” Nice.

Watch the video if you like; either way, make sure to visit Josh’s blog, and, if you can, donate to his legal fund to help ensure these people don’t take away our right to keep telling our stories.