Just Don’t Call Me Late for Dinner

June 23rd, 2006 by Alex

So I’m still lacking a good name for a regular Friday viral video feature, but because I like you all I’ve got a good one for today.

It’s not quite my usual thing — no Chinese Backstreet Boys this time — but it’s definitely worth watching.

For your viewing pleasure: PBS’ Frontline has put online their most recent documentary, “The Dark Side,” the story of how Dick Cheney has taken over the war on terror.

I won’t call this one fun; it’s actually something more along the lines of frightening, but, god, is it ever worth watching. (One thing I want to add — I love the fact that Frontline is putting its stuff online now. You can do what I’ve been doing this week, watch the chapters as the equivalent of Internet radio, since the video doesn’t much matter, and get work done as the video plays in the background. SMITH is not responsible for any nightmares involving Dick Cheney hiding under your bed that you may experience later.)

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