Rocketboom on Webcomics + NYT on Ze Frank

June 22nd, 2006 by Larry Smith

The videoblog Rocketboom gives us three good New York minutes on the state of webcomics here.

Here’s a story idea for Rocketboom: Shooting War. After all, the buzz on SMITH’s serlialized graphic novel is big, baby!

In other blog news, Ze Frank gets big ups in a fun piece in this past Sunday’s NYT Styles section about how this web guy with a cult following went wiki. Here’s a piece from Warren St. John’s story:

His site draws around 10,000 viewers a day, and many of them use the site’s comments section to praise, argue over or eviscerate his abilities as an entertainer. So Mr. Frank turned the tables.

With help from a programmer friend, [Ze Frank] set up the comedy-writing equivalent of a Wikipedia page — an online site where anyone could write a joke and edit or even delete the jokes of others — and told his viewing public that if they were so brilliant, they could collaborate to write a script for his show. If they did so, Mr. Frank promised, he would faithfully execute it, no matter how absurd, and post the resulting video on his site.

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