Shooting War in the Village Voice, Bloggers in Vegas

June 12th, 2006 by Larry Smith

Julian Dibbell, a longtime chronicler of cyberculture, gives Shooting War serious props in his Village Voice column Site Specific.

The Web’s a great democratizer, but it’s an excellent serializer too, and the light-handed but searing political satire of Shooting War is taking the Sunday comic strip places it could never have gone before. Grab the RSS feed now, and go there with it.

Not too, slouchy. Read Chapter 5 later today.

In other somewhat shameless self-promotion, SMITH contributing editor and all-around buzz machine Jeff Newelt is all over Advertising Age’s piece, The Man Moves in On MySpace. Don’t tell his girlfriend, but Jeff, aka JahFurry, has 1,817 friends, many of whom he alerts to goings on in his professional (he does press for Samsung) and his personal life (among other obsessions, Jah-F does sort of a rabbinical ska thing at clubs across New York City—you sort of have to be there and definitely should).

PLUS: If you only read one story about the YearlyKos blog convention (and how can you only read just one?), give this report in Salon a few minutes of your life.

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