No Dessert Tonight

March 27th, 2006 by john

Table 26 finishes their meal and signals for the check.
“I’ll pay for dinner,” the man says, taking the checkbook out of my hand.
“No,” his date protests, “Let’s split it.”
“I’ve got it.”
“Listen,” the woman says, opening her purse, “I’m paying my half.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” the man replies, “I invited you out. I’m paying.”
You’re being ridiculous,” the woman says, slurring her words.
“What’s your problem?” the man says, “I’m taking you out to dinner.”
“I want to pay.”
“It’s on me.”
“Well you’re not getting any,” the woman says boozily.

Another glimpse into the dark side of dining from the deliciously entertaining Waiter Rant.

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