“My Ex” Marks the Spot

February 11th, 2006 by Larry Smith

I once had an idea for a story that was summarily VETOED the story’s key source: gather ’round my past loves for “The Ex-Girlfriend Dinner Party” and have a rollicking discussion about the pros and cons about the brand called me. (The key source was the last ex in my personal series, a woman whom I dated for more than four years; she was appalled at this prospect; I thought she was being a big baby; time, however, has led me on around to her point.)

They break our hearts, we break theirs. It often ends in tears. But the stories are so GOOD. SMITH readers have been unleashing amazing tales about exes. One woman swears the Buddha came between her and her boyfriend. Another says her ex “had been a ball and chain secured to an anvil chained to a brass tree connected to the core of the earth,” but was overjoyed to see she had gained about 100 pounds since last they met (love when that happens). Then there’s the guy whose ex dumped him for his best friend (hate when that happens).

Sometimes writing is the best revenge. Got an ex story? Yes you do. Click here and let it all hang out.

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