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Six-Word Search: America: The Good, the Bad, the Free

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

By Amy Lauren

Congratulations United States of America and Happy Birthday to you! America might be a baby compared to the rest of the world’s countries, but look how far we’ve come since the first and original Independence Day. Here we proudly share some of your Six-Word Memoirs to get you in the mood from people who are enamored with, confused by, or furious at our land of the free. Happy Fourth of July, Sixers!

Honor the flag. It represents much.

Overseas, I became a better American.


Republican. Democrat. How about just: American.

America and Chevy: peanut-butter and jelly.

Dear Uncle Sam, HELP! Yours, America.

Put out my American flag today.

“…what you can do for your country….”

America: imperfect, but still the best.

Feeling unpatriotic? Travel overseas. Act American.

The American Dream died with Gatsby.

Live for Moments, die for freedom.

Teetering on the path of freedom.

Life and freedom taken for granted.


Country music makes me feel patriotic.

Declaration signers get half off fireworks.

7/4: And boom go the fireworks.

Declaration of Independence: great break-up letter.

Independence. It’s not just a word.

My country was often on life support.

Independence Day! Not just a movie.

Happy Birthday to the United States!

Red, white, blue: America; me, you.

Finally loaded “American Pie” into iPod.

Torn between tradition and reckless abandon.

 SixWords: America’s sole original literary genre.





3 responses

  1. kathi wright says:

    thankful for freedom; realize its fragility

  2. ba_miracle says:

    America’s Founders; Anarchists and Rabble Rousers.

  3. Vincent Aurelius says:

    Ditch guns, close Guantanamo, then Celebrate!

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