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Six-Word Caption Contest #20 (And Winner #19)

Monday, March 4th, 2013

By Larry Smith

What’s Ms. Andrews doing up there? Describe this scene in exactly six words in the comments area below by 5pm EST on Friday, March 8 and you could win $50 on Shutterfly. Each entry should be a separate comment and you can submit up to 10 entries; read the official rules for more details.

The winning caption from last week’s contest, describing the photo from last week’s contest is “See! Your face did get stuck,” by Tony Mutz.

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172 responses

  1. Budrfli says:

    And she danced the undanceable dance!

  2. Budrfli says:

    Live, love, laugh in one dance.

  3. Budrfli says:

    Heart open for all to see.

  4. Budrfli says:

    One twirl is worth one thousand.

  5. maryjane31 says:

    Streets come alive with music sounds.

  6. maryjane31 says:

    Up here singing out my brains.

  7. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Behind me, once was a mountain.

  8. DynamicDbytheC says:

    I escaped the mountains for this?

  9. maryjane31 says:

    Strange. The reason is quite unknown.

  10. maryjane31 says:

    Good strong wind and oh boy!

  11. Staraj says:

    The billboard alive with Julie Andrews.

  12. Gerri says:

    Billboard’s alive with sound of music.

  13. Gerri says:

    Julie still looks/sings that good.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The hills are alive with buildings.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The hills are dead with buildings.

  16. Christie says:

    Happiness is a field of flowers!

  17. Bridgette says:

    Freedom, blue skies, wind in hair

  18. Te’a says:

    Freedom on the field, Musical Freedom!

  19. Fish says:

    Songs and mountains bring new life

  20. NumbrOneAunt says:

    Employees: This counts as your vacation.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hills alive with sound of traffic.

  22. bange says:

    arms wide as the soul sings

  23. l2l3 says:

    I’ve looked everywhere for those Alps!

  24. l2l3 says:

    Hills are alive. Fumes killing me.

  25. lannie6 says:

    Hey be quiet, I’m singin’ here.

  26. SheFearsNone says:


  27. kathi wright says:

    then: meadow. now: rooftop. ah, progress.

  28. lillybrook says:

    Marilyn, I have similar skirt issues.

  29. lillybrook says:

    I took Allegra. I feel fine!

  30. lillybrook says:

    Goodbye Nazi Germany… hello, fictional Genovia!

  31. SheFearsNone says:

    Let’s pretend this hill is alive.

  32. blessing says:

    happiness,someone that can be someone

  33. maryjane31 says:

    Julie you just don’t fit here.

  34. DynamicDbytheC says:

    The brochure ad sure was misleading.

  35. Jennie Babcock says:

    The mountain is this wide, incredible.

  36. l2l3 says:

    My favorite things: Really good antidepressants.

  37. l2l3 says:

    This way to the edge, children.

  38. Lilypond says:

    Even Julie can’t make skyscrapers sing.

  39. Lilypond says:

    Buildings alive with sounds of life.

  40. Lilypond says:

    Twirl like no one’s watching. Wait….

  41. hieronimo says:

    “I’m envisioning tenant parking over there….”

  42. Wolfie says:

    I want to become a man!

  43. Autumn22 says:

    Doing Harlem Shake, Hills Alive style.

  44. Autumn22 says:

    Hills, I love you this big!

  45. maryjane31 says:

    Very strange, yet can’t look away.

  46. Bohemdeb says:

    Quit effing off. Get back to work!

  47. Bohemdeb says:

    Someone took my parking space!

  48. Bohemdeb says:

    I’m not interested in your timeshare.

  49. Bohemdeb says:

    Where is the lavatory? Someone? Anyone?

  50. Bohemdeb says:

    Where did I park my car?

  51. Jl333 says:

    I love French bread this much

  52. maryjane31 says:

    Whose insane idea could this be?

  53. maryjane31 says:

    Ms. Andrews please intervene on this.

  54. Wolfie says:

    1965, lost Sound in Space music.

  55. Wolfie says:

    Andrews, Bryner; Sound of Thai Music

  56. Wolfie says:

    Wish I could Delete the War

  57. Wolfie says:

    Met Von Trapp’s, nicer than Julie!

  58. maryjane31 says:

    Could a sane person explain this?

  59. Wolfie says:

    I left out N in Brynner¡

  60. darkangryturtle says:

    Dancing through life, out of habit!

  61. darkangryturtle says:

    The hills are alive! Save yourselves!

  62. sooz says:

    The Alp behind me’s THIS BIG.

  63. leslieg says:

    Free from nunnery; want some funnery!

  64. AL B Conahan says:

    And a big picture window here.

  65. cbeez says:

    They told me this was Yosemite!

  66. SCL says:

    My period only lasted three days!

  67. Fine Ink says:

    …and the TV goes right here!

  68. rfm says:

    How do you solve a problem?

  69. rfm says:

    I am 60 going on 70….

  70. JAD says:

    Up here I really feel alive!

  71. rfm says:

    Hills are alive, six million dead

  72. rfm says:

    How does apron top stay up?

  73. rfm says:

    Captain Von Trapp is this big!

  74. Autumn22 says:

    Carrie Underwood’s going to play me!

  75. ivy jean says:

    How did I get up here?

  76. ivy jean says:

    Mr Blue Bird on my shoulder!

  77. Knoxena says:

    It’s mine! You can’t have it!!!!!

  78. Miss Sally says:

    Coming soon! Something to dance about.

  79. Wolfie says:

    Hard to fly without big hat.

  80. Contemplative says:

    Sky-high hypertension hiding behind care-free facade.

  81. Contemplative says:

    Stress building up. Front carefree facade.

  82. Sybilia says:

    Nothing beats a nunnery. Ah, cunnilingus!

  83. Sybilia says:

    Seven Children and my hymen intact!

  84. Sybilia says:

    Fuck me, Captain Von Trapp! Hard!

  85. Sybilia says:

    So long, farewell, auf Weidersehen my period!

  86. Nicole T. says:

    There’s no fresh air up here!

  87. Nicole T. says:

    I am stuck on this hill!

  88. Elisa S. says:

    Welcome to the Big Apple Strudel!

  89. Sybilia says:

    And the Jets are leading…Grandfather!

  90. Nathan G says:

    “This billboard cost me this much!”

  91. Nathan G says:

    Creed for Nazis: Arms Wide Open

  92. Nicole T. says:

    Perfect spot for future wind turbines.

  93. Nicole T. says:

    Trust me, this city never sleeps.

  94. Schadenfreude says:

    My screen test for Victor/ Victoria.

  95. harold says:

    freedom begins in the heart

  96. harold says:

    Thank you God for this day

  97. harold says:

    And all the earth rejoiced

  98. Patti H says:

    At last… away from the brats

  99. Patti H says:

    Captain…Where are You? I’m horny!

  100. Wolfie says:

    You sure Sally Fields flew here?

  101. Shar says:

    Apron modeling is a tough job!

  102. Patti H says:

    Not wearing panties feels so good!

  103. Miss Sally says:

    Gangsta shuffle…it aint nothin’ new.

  104. soozq says:

    Are you sure this is edelweiss?

  105. Patricia Williams says:

    Loving freedom, nature and music

  106. Beverly Carter says:

    God’s butterfly has opened her cocoon

  107. RainhaMom says:

    Ahh, my favorite things: Anyplace, anytime!

  108. Nicole T. says:

    Concrete skyscrapers are the new hills.

  109. mzejay says:

    Spring singing courtesy of antihistamine dose.

  110. mzejay says:

    Look Ma! Made this dress myself!

  111. Steven Yaschuk says:

    Heard in schools and theaters; mute.

  112. Steven Yaschuk says:

    Brought to you by Playtex Sport!

  113. BlessedNana says:

    Free of those kids at last!

  114. BlessedNana says:

    The streets are alive with music.

  115. Velma Cross says:

    My new Shutterfly photo book arrived!

  116. oopsalittle says:

    Still looking for the conga line…

  117. paul beckman says:

    Let me down–I’ll stop singing.

  118. paul beckman says:

    Any New York likes the Rockettes?

  119. paul beckman says:

    Julie, you’re nothing without Carol Burnett.

  120. paul beckman says:

    And New York likes the Rockettes?

  121. paul beckman says:

    Hava Na Gila Hava Na Gila

  122. paul beckman says:

    These flowers give me hay fever!

  123. Nancy says:

    Where did all this come from?

  124. Nancy says:

    My twin peaks, God’s twin peaks

  125. Nancy says:

    Just ain’t no mountain high enough

  126. Nancy says:

    “I could have danced all night”

  127. Nancy says:

    Run, jump, sing…just do it!

  128. Nancy says:

    Hey Heidi, eat your heart out!

  129. Nancy says:

    Yes Reverend Mother, I love this!

  130. Nancy says:

    I need a global positioning system

  131. Nancy says:

    This picture is an advertisers dream

  132. Nancy says:

    Oh, I believe I can fly

  133. zsuzsa says:

    High notes courtesy of lederhosen undies.

  134. kate says:

    Step aside, rockettes, here I come.

  135. NicoleS says:

    An oasis in the concrete jungle

  136. Wolfie says:

    Up in the sky, Julie Andrews?

  137. Bohemdeb says:

    And then the mushrooms kicked in.

  138. Mia L says:

    They say the grass is greener

  139. Brianna L. says:

    The beautiful mountains follow you everywhere!

  140. ER says:

    Please don’t look up my skirt.

  141. ER says:

    More than a $5 foot long.

  142. ER says:

    As long as it’s not Glee

  143. ER says:

    I’m the winner of Project Runway!

  144. Kitcat says:

    Dance like no-ones watching…

  145. Sefi says:

    I embarace this beautiful, awesome world!

  146. Jess says:

    Dancing to the sound of music.

  147. KRS says:

    the hills are alive with music…

  148. Silver says:

    Living her life with wild abandon

  149. Megan says:

    “Coming alive in the majestic mountains.”

  150. Megan says:

    “Becoming one with her surroundings”

  151. Megan says:

    “The hills echo the sound of music”

  152. Shellie says:

    music dancing mountains wakeup field flowers

  153. Bum says:

    Bring both the set panels closer

  154. Brenda says:

    Nature is Worth a Thousand Words

  155. aang says:

    jaman kapan tu foto .
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  156. Kristen says:

    Do more than survive…THRIVE!

  157. fourbridges says:

    Don’t you wish you were here?

  158. David says:

    Let’s sing, dance to nature’s calling!

  159. tiffanny says:

    A time to dance!

  160. tiffanny says:

    A time to wonder.

  161. tiffanny says:

    A time to let loose!

  162. tiffanny says:

    Just let it go!

  163. tiffanny says:

    Freedom is mine

  164. tiffanny says:

    Beauty is all around…just look.

  165. tiffanny says:

    Finally…the weekend is here!

  166. tiffanny says:


  167. Windy says:

    Freedom !!

  168. Janice W says:

    Spring is the time for hope!

  169. Jen says:

    A few of my favorite things!

  170. FrankJ says:

    I am free as a bird..

  171. home says:

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