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Six-Word Caption Contest #19 (And Winner #18)

Monday, February 25th, 2013

By Larry Smith

Who hasn’t had the occasional “aha!” moment? The short-form scribe who’s moved to describe this kid’s excellent look in exactly six words will win $50 on Shutterfly. Share your six-word caption by 5pm EST on Friday, March 1 in the comments area below to describe the photo you see here. Each entry should be a separate comment and you can submit up to 10 entries; read the official rules for more details.

Contest #18 winning caption describing the photo from last week’s contest is “Beneath the surface, the thorns arise,” by Amyra R.

116 responses

  1. Autumn22 says:

    I warned you. Faces do freeze!

  2. Autumn22 says:

    Avoid eye contact at all costs.

  3. Autumn22 says:

    Singing along to Hall and Oates.

  4. Autumn22 says:

    Never saw spiders crawl that fast!

  5. Autumn22 says:

    What goes up, must come down!

  6. Autumn22 says:

    OK, wait. Did you say cheese?

  7. Jo says:

    Oh my gosh, it is Monday!

  8. Susie says:

    So it’s NOT just birds and bees we’re talking about…

  9. maryjane31 says:

    Oh lordy, she sees the mess!

  10. maryjane31 says:

    I think I’m in for it!

  11. Journaler says:

    Now say what I say, “Ohhhhhhh.”

  12. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Blowing bubbles. There goes my best.

  13. emily doughty says:

    Yes, I will tell on you!

  14. hieronimo says:

    This invisible poppy is da bomb!

  15. hieronimo says:

    How about warming those wipes, Einstein?

  16. Mel says:

    Oh no, Did I do that?

  17. Jl333 says:

    Doh! Didn’t think spaghetti would stick…

  18. Totmom says:

    I saw mamma kissing Santa Claus!

  19. Tuenmun says:

    Oh Lord, I didn’t. I promise.

  20. PV Harrington says:

    Move along Mum. Nothing to see.

  21. maryjane31 says:

    Looks like big trouble for me!

  22. Stephanie C says:

    Oh no! Did mom see that?

  23. maryjane31 says:

    Good grief Aunt Myrtle has arrived!

  24. maryjane31 says:

    Spider on ceiling. Mom will faint!

  25. NotTeri says:

    May I Blow Out Candles Now?

  26. ChefJim says:

    Damn! That diaper is really cold!

  27. memo says:

    oh,now it makes sense

  28. Steveschohan says:

    Im working, cant whistle, damn me.

  29. Steveschohan says:

    I wonder why everyone is supicious

  30. Steveschohan says:

    Hey, IM whistlers brother, get it?

  31. Steveschohan says:

    It really did fall by iteslf.

  32. Steveschohan says:

    The countries future is looking up.

  33. Steveschohan says:

    Daddy why is mommy being spanked?

  34. Steveschohan says:

    Wow! thats a lot of cookies

  35. memo says:

    act shocked, play innocent,retreat carefully

  36. TheAngstyPoet says:

    Really! I said cheese and rice!

  37. Staraj says:

    Guess whose E-Trade stocks are FIERCE!

  38. maryjane31 says:

    Mom? Dad? Making that noise again.

  39. Mia L says:

    Oh no she didn’t! That little…….

  40. kathi wright says:

    somewhere, over the raaaaiiiii nnn bbbboooooooooow…

  41. scribbling_scribe says:

    Hey! Watch me be a fish!

  42. Bohemdeb says:

    “The Botox worked. I’m really 49!”

  43. Bohemdeb says:

    It wasn’t me! It was ummmmm…?

  44. Bohemdeb says:

    Not rolling eyes, trying to whistle.

  45. Bohemdeb says:

    You said WHO is my daddy?

  46. Bohemdeb says:

    Please fix my leaky ceiling, seriously.

  47. Bohemdeb says:

    Oooohh. Quarter in the swear jar!

  48. Janetsays says:

    Birds?Bees?Never looked like this!

  49. Janetsays says:

    Victoria’s Secret? I’m telling mom now!

  50. Tony Mutz says:

    So that’s what it looks like!

  51. Tony Mutz says:

    See! Your face did get stuck.

  52. Tony Mutz says:

    Lemons are not eggs.

  53. Tony Mutz says:

    Keep him away from the tailpipe.

  54. Janetsays says:

    Poo-Poo’s supposed to wait for mom!

  55. Janetsays says:

    But you said “Oh Shit!” Daddy!

  56. Janetsays says:

    Poo-Poo just can’t wait for mom!

  57. Janetsays says:

    Even I can tell this stinks!

  58. Janetsays says:

    Would you believe the dog farted?

  59. Janetsays says:

    Sandwich Store - Serving #2 now! Whew!

  60. oopsalittle says:

    First word I learnt was ‘nooooooo’

  61. Knoxena says:

    OOOOH! now you did it! oooh!

  62. Shaunyata says:

    Look cute, get away with anything!

  63. bohemdeb says:

    Mom, my hairline is receding already!

  64. bohemdeb says:

    This is no fun without bubbles!

  65. princesslief says:

    oops, didn’t notice you watching me

  66. princesslief says:

    Yes! We got a snowday today!

  67. Anonymous says:

    The monster looked just like this.

  68. bohemdeb says:

    Measure my eyelashes? I don’t understand.

  69. Wendy says:

    Then he vomited all over me.

  70. mzejay says:

    Oh say can you see? Yes!

  71. Amapola says:

    Oooooh. Oooooh. Here they go again.

  72. JAD says:

    Oh Holy Night, the stars are brightly……..

  73. bevvie says:

    Auditioning for the next Home Alone.

  74. Contemplative says:

    Certainly hooked on this fish face.

  75. Contemplative says:

    Spilled guts; top secret information. Oops!

  76. LethalWriter says:

    Whistling but not working at all!

  77. notyouraveragegirl says:

    Next time, use the oral thermometer.

  78. notyouraveragegirl says:

    What! Three billion in education cuts!

  79. bohemdeb says:

    Stuck in the fish tank again…

  80. dightonstreet says:

    Bagful of sour patch kids, bad idea.

  81. three-monkeys says:

    Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli…

  82. three-monkeys says:

    Our family’s reigning staring contest champion.

  83. three-monkeys says:

    No dessert? Whatchoo talkin bout, Mama?

  84. three-monkeys says:

    SHE’S my new babysitter?! Yowza, yowza.

  85. JAD says:

    Oh Say! Can You See! By! ,,,,,,,,

  86. Autumn22 says:

    Doing grandma’s 30 second facelift exercises.

  87. Ry says:

    Oh my god, THATS A BINGO!

  88. Jake says:

    O CANADA! Somthing somthing somthing

  89. Ryanstuff says:

    Oh hot dam, it’s titty time!

  90. Ryanstuff says:

    woke up, shat, now imitate mom

  91. Shanny-Poo says:

    Was recommended for medication; takes none.

  92. AOK says:

    Ohhhhhh. You said NOT to touch the big red button……..

  93. YukiNoHana says:

    You really shouldn’t have done that.

  94. YukiNoHana says:

    No more hot sauce for him!

  95. AOK says:

    What? You mean I can’t fly?

  96. YukiNoHana says:

    What do you mean a SISTER!?

  97. YukiNoHana says:

    That girl’s not here for me?

  98. YukiNoHana says:

    What!? Math has numbers AND letters!!

  99. YukiNoHana says:

    Saw the spider web, said nothing.

  100. SheFearsNone says:

    I guess I forgot again. Oops.

  101. three-monkeys says:

    Cod liver oil tastes like death!

  102. three-monkeys says:

    Paddle for cookie-raid? Crime worth punishment!

  103. Romomo says:

    Wonder exists where innocence meets surprise.

  104. keeneow says:

    I thought Mom didn’t see me!

  105. Romomo says:

    In 25 years, you will too..

  106. Romomo says:

    Don’t worry, it’s just the boogeyman

  107. Romomo says:

    How did the spaghetti get there!?

  108. Romomo says:

    This picture? I was your age…

  109. Romomo says:

    I should not have shaken that…

  110. Wolfie says:

    Is this how Lloyd Bridges started?

  111. bohemdeb says:

    I thought this contest was closed. (eyes roll, drum roll…)

  112. Andi says:

    How did it land up there?

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  114. Nakisha Cosico says:

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