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Story behind the Six: “Multiple miscarriages. Cousin will carry baby.”

Friday, February 8th, 2008

By Rachel

smallfamily.jpgThe above six-word life story comes from Joanna Brody. Heady stuff to begin with, right? Then she emailed me trying to retract it; there had been medical complications and their last hope had fallen through. I encouraged her to keep the memoir anyway, explaining that it was an honest slice of her life. Then she wrote me the beautiful letter we quote in the book’s intro about how quickly life can change. If she only knew! Check out this email, received just one year later:

“Hi Rachel,

This is so cool. Congratulations on finishing and publishing the book!

I do have a major update: my original memoir involved my husband’s cousin acting as a gestational surrogate for us after I had multiple miscarriages. Well, that crashed and burned in Feb. 08, two months after I submitted the memoir. But you told me it was okay b/c each memoir was a moment in time. At that time, I also completely gave up on having children.

Yet today, I am sitting in my new home with two babies to my name—Joey, who we adopted at birth and is now 7 months old, and Lyra, my biological daughter who is 6 weeks old. Both children are miracles in their own way—Joey’s birth mom is half Filipino, just like my husband. (We had always wanted to adopt a Filipino baby but heard they are extremely rare.) And the fact that at 43 years old I got pregnant with a healthy baby that made it to term is the miracle of Lyra.

My newest 6-word memoir is: Adopted baby. Got pregnant. Instant family. (Or “Three to six in nothing flat.” We have two big dogs as well–the second puppy and our children all arrived in our home within a year’s time.)”

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4 responses

  1. pat says:

    This story belongs in the miracle section! It’s a heartwarming story and I am sure everyone sends you the best wishes for a happy life!

  2. Jemimah Wright says:

    HI, I am a journalist writing for women’s magazine’s in the UK and I would love to interview Joanna Brody about her story. Is it possible to pass on my email to her if she is interested? Thank you!

  3. Lynda says:

    Hello, I read of your story about miscarrying.
    I am a trainee psychotherapist in London, UK, and am writing a thesis about special babies, babies who are born after so much pain and sorry from losing pregnancies, and would like to know if you are available for some correspondence about this with me.
    My questions would revolve around issues about your feelings towards your precious children after all your losses. I wonder if you would be interested?
    All my notes would be totally confidential and I would not include any names.

  4. Betsy Powell says:

    It is wonderful to read a success story - it is encouraging and heartfelt. Many women are coping with trying to get pregnant or are having multiple miscarriages. The causes are not always known.

    I have written an article on how difficult it is to get pregnant after a miscarriage. Please see this site for more information: Click Here To Read Article. The key is to conquer the grief (see how I did it), then check out a natural approach which focuses on building up the condition of your body. From experience I know ovulation is almost unpredictable. Best to you.

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