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New Webcomic: “My Name Is Emily and I’m a Recovering Artist.”

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

By Rachel

ch01_01.jpgEmily is 39, single, underemployed, and can’t decide if she’s a dilettante or a genius. We’re pretty sure it’s the latter. Her fearlessly blunt diary of her “gap years” exposes a unique worldview on art, commitment, Nazis, mice, copy-machine salesmen, Judaism, SUVs, and psychoanalysis. Plus, it has funny pictures.

Stark and hilarious, Graphic Therapy is SMITH’s newest webcomic, and we couldn’t be prouder. What Shooting War did for post-Bush war in Iraq and A.D. did for post-Katrina New Orleans, Emily Steinberg is doing for post-art school neurotics. Whether or not you’ve been there, you’ll find something to love in this candid and quirky account of an ordinary life. Ever felt aimless or creatively challenged? Ever struggled with familial expectations or a doomed relationship? Ever had a shrink who seemed crazier than you were? Click here to attend Session 1 of Graphic Therapy: Notes from the Gap Years. Now how did that make you feel?

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  1. dawn says:

    beautiful daughter now addict miss her

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