Editor’s Letter

I’m Larry Smith, and no, this new magazine is not about me.

It’s about you and your neighbor, and about people you haven’t yet met - from just down the road and from around the globe. It’s about the Smith family in Winnetka, Illinois, raising a spelling-bee champion; the Smiths in Castroville, California, and a family scandal that turned their town upside down; Smiths near and far, all with stories that frame our increasingly complicated world. Most of them, of course, are not actually named Smith.

We just can’t get enough of one another’s lives. From reality TV and tell-all bestsellers to self-help talk shows and online diaries, the nature of celebrity has changed. Today, it’s not “who” you are, but “what” you are all about. Give us a good story, and we’re all yours.

Yet there is no major magazine, either on the Web or in print, that vividly chronicles the myriad flavors of the “personal” with gravitas and humor, vigor and enlightenment. SMITH readers demand and deserve a more authentic experience — from a magazine one that entertains while encouraging discovery, discussion, and participation.

SMITH is the answer to the call. It is a hybrid of colliding worlds: high and pop culture; celebrity and everyman; smart and fun, long and short. It is a magazine born of and for a time when technology has never made it easier and more exciting to tell your story.

We hope you use the tools featured on this site and the many more found across the Web to tell your story—in prose form, as a blog, via photos, video, podcasts, vlogs, you name it. Our job is to both link to the best personal stories in the world (that’s The SMITH List), as well as showcase stories you’ve submitted here at our online home (in the special sections at the top of the homepage on topics like Brushes With Fame, Ex-lovers, or on Diaries about your life), and eventually in our print publication.

And our name? It’s the most popular surname in America. It represents us all, each of us living our extraordinary lives — day by day, story by story.

Have a story? Tell

Larry Smith
Founder & Editor
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