Googling yourself

June 12th, 2007 by kathy

OK, I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this on a regular basis or maybe I’m the only one who’s stupid enough to admit this, but I have a serious problem—yes, in addition to my fascination with Posh Spice and Katie Price, a.k.a Jordan:

I Google myself a lot. Like daily. I suppose it could be worse. I could be addicted to those silly gossip sites.

While I’m super psyched that the first “Kathy Ritchie” to pop up in a Google search is moi, I started thinking a lot about the other Kathy Ritchies out there. Take Kathy Ritchie of Ritchie Secretarial Services, for instance. Girl gets a lot of play on Google and Google Images. Like, there are seriously 10 images of this chick and only one of me—courtesy of SMITH and that dude in Bryant Park who took my picture.

Anyway, this whole Googling me, I mean Kathy Ritchie, got me wondering who else shares my name and what’s their story?

A quick rundown of just some of the Kats’ out there:

There’s a Kathy Ritchie from Rhodesia (or is it Zambia?) living in Canada.

A Kathy Ritchie, Ph.D—no big shock there, the name Kathy Ritchie simply oozes intelligence.

A Kathy Ritchie from Indiana who is renovating a public library.

ABC7 News interviewed a poll worker named Kathy Ritchie in Redwood City, CA.

Kathy Ritchie, a mother of four and volunteer for the San Lorenzo Valley School District.

Kathy Ritchie the dart player. She won $300 in a Women’s Singles Tournament!

Kathy Ritchie, author of the book, Decorative Painting: Fruits, Vegetables, and Berries.

So, who shares your name on Google?

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