The Best Blogger Book Deal I’ve Heard About All Week

March 8th, 2007 by katherine

Jessica Hagy, known for her less-than-a-year old blog Indexed, reports that she has just landed a book deal with a major house. She deserves it. There’s something ingenious about her relational charts and graphs, each rendered on a white index card in black ink in Hagy’s distinctive, tidy-but-homespun handwriting. They have an appeal that hits immediately and then slowly blossoms to a deeper, head-scratching kind of appreciation: the best ones are both ha-ha funny and truly insightful. Delivering something pithy that also accommodates web readers’ tapped-to-the-max attention spans isn’t easy—but the advertising copywriter from Columbus, OH has perfected a highly addictive formula. Bravo!
Image: Indexed

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