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Journalism students would use prized iPad.

by lillybrook in Six Words about Work - Lessons on Jul 09, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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lillybrook says,

I majored in English because I love literature. I became a journalism adviser because I love adventure. Both disciplines have taught me that as much as teachers love content, we love students more. Some of my best memories include hours in the Publications classroom on Saturdays putting the paper together with my staff. I talk about them like they are my children, and they jokingly call me the "other mother," and the "RubiMama" (our paper is The Rubicon). I want them to have an amazing experience as journalists: researching, writing, designing, editing, polishing, publishing. Every month we push ourselves to the edge to get the paper out on deadline and come back the next day to begin again. Could there be a better way to work? I can't imagine.

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