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Cried. Sent to office, Employee Assistance.

by DynamicDbytheC in Six Words About Work - My Job on Sep 15, 2012 | add favorite | T-shirt

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jl333 says,

Is everything okay with you DDC?

DynamicDbytheC says,

Last week someone asked me how James was doing. He had some scary set-backs and I started crying. I told coworkers that if they think I need help at anytime during my trials/tribulations to tell me. My coworker called snd covered my work so I could go to EAP. James improved over the week-end so my spirits improved.

jl333 says,

Apparently you have really nice co-workers! Glad James improved over the weekend.

DynamicDbytheC says,

I work with the best.

Contemplative says,

EAP was my first experience with help. Their crisis intervention I credit with truly saving my life. Hope you found it helpful and are true to yourself. Difficult to hold it all together. Accepting and allowing others to assist is a gift to me and them. You are in my prayers daily.

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