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I've been all the Village People.

by BGourley in Six Words About Work - My Job on Jul 14, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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Skai says,

my new favorite.

solitude says,

But can you dance?

Dyan_Titchnell says,

Very made me laugh.

Bevvie says,

YMCA! Kudos!

BGourley says,

Thanks all.

I can dance, but it's a little like Elaine Benes from "Seinfeld."

Certainly, no one would pay me for it.

BanjoDan says,

congrats on the feature amigo, i enjoy your memoirs

solitude says,

Best not add a pole to that, B. or you'll need dental work to boot. :)

lgp120 says,

San Francisco? Hollywood? Fire Island? Macho Man? YMCA? Tell us, which one is your favorite?

RainhaMom says,

Even the Amer. Indian?

BGourley says,

No, but I've been called "Chief" on the job. That doesn't count?

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