Happiness--subtract meaningless work from life.

by tareflamingo in Six Words about Work - Lessons on Aug 16, 2013 | add favorite | T-shirt

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LetTheWolfin says,

Brilliant six and congrats on the coveted MOTD!!

uknow says,

This is truth. Beautiful MOTD.

liberata says,

So true. The search for meaning sometimes means clearing away things that have none.

jl333 says,

Something I try to practice. Nicely done

maryjane31 says,

Just love this and how true it is!

notjustagirlintheworld says,

Excellent and congratulations :D

ADHDean says,

Well done.

canadafreeze says,

Good advice.

JAD says,


DynamicDbytheC says,

Well a lot of people got a taste of it for one day today.

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