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I had a meeting with my supervisor and the director of HR. Management had an action plan which included a pay cut and a 3 month ramp up to ensure that I could/would be successful for. It was explained to me that at the end of the 3rd month I would have another performance review and I would have needed to show improvement and or hit monthly my monthly quota. I ask did I need to hit quota all 3 months I was told know just needed to show improvement. Needed to step up my game. Which to me no problem my custody trial was over and I was now able to focus on my job and not the case. Believing the explanations of the action plan that HR had told me and we all agreed to the plan and the consequences (good/bad)of the plan I signed it without reading it or making sure that HR & I were on same page with plan. Yep 3 weeks later after I was called in and was told that I was being discharged effective imediatly. When I asked why I was told because of performance I then reminded HR that it was only the 2nd of the month and eom numbers are usually verified and month closed on the 10th of the month. I questioned why I had to take pay cut as well. Neither question was answered just a lot of stuttering back tracking as to what had been explained to me. When I asked about all of us agreeing and me having to sign plan I was told no it didn't matter because something about someone had saw in my file that there was a previous plan and a written final I said yes that was from 08/2010. For every reason that I was told I had an answer.I just felt that I was lied to regarding reason for discharge. If HR can't/won't answer your questions you know there's a problem because HR knows everything. Live and learn you can't even trust people that you work for these days. Right to work state. Oh well read every/any thing from anyone that needs your signture. Even if its you mom read it.

by reanie in Six Words about Work - Lessons on Jan 19, 2012 | add favorite | T-shirt

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