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Sometimes it's the silence that compliments.

by LucidDreamer in Six Words about Work - Lessons on Nov 30, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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LucidDreamer says,

I work for a small local government office...small towns have active citizens as a rule, and sometimes our public meetings can get pretty rowdy. After one awful meeting during which around 35 citizens got up to (literally) scream at our Board for 4 hours (complaining about such things as their tax dollers going to support public education - they didn't have kids, so they didn't feel they should have to support it), I was rather shredded emotionally. We pride outselves on being accessible to our taxpayers and extremely fiscally responsible, and I take my job to heart. A wise co-worker pointed out to me that we have over 66,000 citizens in our County, but only 35 came to the meeting to complain - we must be doing a damn good job. I've learned that when you're doing good work, you won't hear a peep...silence really is golden!

canadafreeze says,

Hear, here ...

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