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Start smoking and earn EXTRA breaks.

by MariaMaria in Six Words about Work - Lessons on Nov 30, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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johnwesley6 says,

love it. this is so true

i just take random air breaks

Flowergrrrl says,

I miss that, I quit smoking a few years ago and I miss taking those little extra breaks.

marjorieclaire says,

not smoking now. when i was smoking I took those extra breaks. When I stopped it really irritated me when others snuck out in the middle of something. then i started again. retired now so doesn't really matter.

_Miracle says,

My smoking habit kept business meetings on point. When I quit I would often go outside to breathe in second hand smoke (terrible I know). Take a non-smoking break on occasion.

DynamicDbytheC says,

Extra breaks but eventually extra health problems. Then you get whole weeks off of work.

wendel says,

that is the way it works around here...

StacyJane says,

OH...I love John's comment...let's all start trying that and see how it goes...

MariaMaria says,

Why? When did this become a privilege?

kalyber says,

my father died this summer because he did just that. Started smoking in the 60s to get more breaks.

MariaMaria says,

My condolences....

dmsprice44 says,

We've started taking Facebook breaks. Seems only fair.

FrancisHall says,

So true and yet so unfair. love this one

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