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Zingerman's job would beat fluffy paycheck.


Zingerman's Deli was established in Ann Arbor, MI around 1981, while I was in college. In the years since, they have established a national and international reputation in the foodie and business communities, and have expanded to include a bakery, creamery and roadhouse. They also offer world class food and marketing seminars across the country. My experience with all of the Zingerman's entities is that the staff are and have always been an incredibly positive, creative, intelligent and energetic bunch of people who seem to be truly in love with their jobs and are eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with their customers. The crew includes many young, former corporate types who now take immense personal pride and pleasure in practicing talents like smoking the very best fish, educating the public about bacon perfection and making a sour cream coffee cake with an addictive quality that can only be compared to crack. I envy every one of these deli denizens. While I haven't figured out the leap to a Zing-like labor-of-love livelihood, I understand this lesson more and more, as I age and as I read it in the joyful and confident faces of the Zingerman's staff.

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