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Work's just an extra dysfunctional family.


Regardless of your personal views of your co-workers as a group, they do function as an extra family-like body and can often act more dysfunctionally than the folks you kiss at Thanksgiving and sigh in relief when they leave.

by L2L3 in Six Words about Work - Lessons on Aug 22, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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L2L3 says,

In oh so many ways.

Loon says,

we spend as much time with them....

KharisJo says,

couldn't agree more. It happens wherever you get a group of people. Workplaces differ however in that everyone is there for a specific purpose. They are not your family and different boundaries exist. At work I expect (and offer)support, encouragement and professional respect. Workplaces are covered by legislation designed to protect workers, which should be reflected in codes of conduct. Those who can't/won't behave within professional boundaries should be corrected or shown the door. Unfortunately some individuals take their birth family issues with them into other areas when they really need counselling. During the past year Ive seen the effect of one aggressive bully on morale and relocated myself when the problem was not addressed. This is a long winded comment, but I'm passionate about safe workplaces.

L2L3 says,

Everyone takes their birth family issues, strengths, morals, scruples and values with them to the workplace. This memoir had nothing to do with professional boundaries. Again, normal is a spectrum disorder, for groups as well as individuals.

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