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It's okay to be Nurse Molly.


My most memorable lessons from work were taught to me by the children I took care of as a psychiatric nurse. Many years ago, there was an 11 year old boy with a traumatic brain injury, which caused severe memory issues for him. We went for the same walk every day, identified the same trees and flowers and he was introduced to the same people every day. All this was new to him... every day. He insisted on calling me "Nurse Molly". Oddly, he called me that every day, even though he couldn't remember my real name for 5 minutes. I assumed that Molly was just easier, for some strange reason, for him to remember. One day I finally asked him why he called me Molly. He told me, "Because you're nice to me and you like me and I like you too. That's just how Mollies are." It also meant that even if he didn't remember my name, he remembered the kindness. That was a huge learning moment for me.

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