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Smartass students itching to challenge me.


There was at least one smartass student, male or female, in every class, itching to challenge my analysis of a poem, a story, or my explanation of a punctuation rule. Each and every smartass student inspired me to have my analyses and explanations complete and thorough. Amazingly, some of the smartasses became students who returned to take more classes from me. Some still stay in touch with me after graduation. They write or email notes. They ask for recommendations. I like to remind them of the classroom challenges. Some pretend they don't remember. We laugh. But they inspired me to go the extra mile or two. They don't know that, so don't tell them. Shhhh.

by Bevvie in Six Words About Work - Inspirations on Jul 28, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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KharisJo says,

this really spoke to me because I remember being a challenging student at high school. I know you are speaking about college academic challenges which improved your teaching prowess but I was a behavioural challenge.I still have regrets and appreciate the teacher who really tried to help me. I wish I could tell her so. Some of the best lessons teachers teach have nothing to do with the subject matter. By the responses from your students I'm sure you were a great teacher Bev. Nice memoir.

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