Imagining the writing received with longing.


Its been a very long time since I attempted to write anything even a letter to a friend. My friend in Ann Arbor and I made a deal to start sending personal letters instead of email. For some reason the more back and forth with answering had something to it that email doesn't have---that sense of longing for a kind word from thousands of miles away. That anticipation factor is something of the romance of snail mailing a letter across the country. Email is instant gratification, the "wham bam thank you mamm" of information relayed instantly. Typed out letters printed and sent with little doodles, stickers and colorful hand written symbols carry something more. The effort put into it is something I hope is never extinct.

by SilkStarlight in Six Words About Work - Inspirations on Jul 25, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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