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Everyone remembers their very first time.


"I got them!" the girl shrieked.

I'm a petite person who gets claustrophobic in crowds, so working in the always bustling Times Square neighborhood has its singular challenges. Recently, I was heading back to my office from a lunch meeting with a reporter (since my job is publicizing Broadway), trying not to get trampled from the summer tourists. I walked by a theatre box office and noticed a young girl jumping up and down, hugging her friend and exclaiming, "I got them!" with tears of joy streaming down her face. In her hands were tickets to a hot Broadway show. I couldn't help but smile and feel the same thrill that I felt when I was 12 years old and visiting NYC for the first time, clutching my very first Playbill while waiting for a show to start. Everyone remembers their first Broadway show! I felt happy knowing what that girl was about to experience: she was about to be moved, entertained, transported; the experience of live theatre is unparalleled. It was a reminder of what first inspired me - the wonder and aspiration and excitement - and how I can do my part to help future audiences see plays and musicals. I get to spread the word about something I love. When I first moved to New York in my twenties, my mom and I went to see a wonderful play and she said she loved watching me watch the stage; she said my face had the same glow as someone in love, or an expectant mother; someone completely enthralled in the moment.

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