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Instructor said, "You'll never be good"

by Debra_K in Six Words About Work - Inspirations on Jul 16, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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marymc says,

John Sellers, head of the department and my adviser told me I was a waste of his time and space in his class. Funny how the school never failed to send me a congratulatory note every time I was in the newspaper or on TV ....reminding me of where I learned and hinting for money.

Debra_K says,

Do you think he's aware that his criticism may have been a source of inspiration? Thanks for sharing your similar experience!

GracieTorvaldson says,

Hi- As a fellow RN, BSN, MA, partial APRN, age 60 (started when I was 42), I think it's MANDATORY for them to insult anyone with potential and to praise the potentially lethal, e.g., the girl who didn't know what "titrate" meant 3 months before graduation.

In HS, after the whole school took some standardized Iowa test, I'd received the high verbal score in the school. My English teacher, Mrs. Evelyn ??? stopped me in the hall, to inform me, and also to say "You're the LAST person I expected to get those marks."

When she died, alone with her cats, her remains were found partially eaten by the cats. Poor cats. She couldn't have tasted very good. She didn't live in the country.

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