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I haven’t spent much time at SWM lately, nor will I be able to in the short term, because of many transitions in my life right now, most of which are “firsts” for me. I’ve accepted an exciting new position at a global media and television network, which broadcasts to nearly 150 countries and territories. This will be my first time to work in the media sector. The new job involves a cross-country relocation to a new state and region (my interviews brought me there for the first time). This will be my first experience of living outside the Bay Area for more than a few months at a time. While initial impressions of my soon-to-be home were favorable, it is very different from my lifelong home of San Francisco.

I start my new position shortly after New Year’s Day. With transition planning for my current employer, arranging to rent out my condo in San Francisco, finding an apartment near my new employer, downsizing and packing my personal belongings to ship to my new home, orchestrating other move-related logistics, preparing for and celebrating the holidays, and spending time with my family and friends in the Bay Area before my departure, it’s been non-stop activity since accepting the job offer.

I’ll miss being close to my kith and kin, my social network, and my comfort zone, but my sister and her husband are already planning to bring their twins for a visit in February. All of my friends reacted with shocked disbelief that I’d ever leave the Bay Area, but they recognized that the job opportunity fits me perfectly. Many of them have asked to visit me in my new home, and some have offered to introduce me to their friends in the area. My new job requires me to be a road warrior (over 50% travel), and wherever I go, I hope to find the time to connect with friends in other parts of the country and the world. And of course, I’ll return to San Francisco at least three or four times each year.

I’m grateful and excited for this unique opportunity to gain experience working for one of the largest media companies of its kind in the world. My future colleagues are incredibly committed, passionate, smart, and talented people who inspire everyone around them. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my career, in a new community and sphere of operations, in the new year.

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