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Made a family out of football.

by Colt_Mach1 in Six Words About Work - Bosses on Aug 09, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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Colt_Mach1 says,

I coach and teach at a traditionally rural high school in northwest Louisiana. For the past twelve years, "R" has served as the head football coach after previously being on the staff as an assistant .
With him as the HC, our staff and program as a whole has taken on the role as extended family for us as coaches, our wives, and children. We eat meals together as a staff and families after every home game. We go out together as a group to eat a few times a year. We even vacation together as an entire staff about once every three years - THAT is a monumental task he coordinates. The first time we did it, we had a party of about 75 all go out to eat together at one time. He has been instrumental in supporting coaches bible studies on campus for us. He has arranged, for those of us who were able to, attend coaches & spouses retreats regional resorts.

Do we work in paradise? Not absolutely. We get frustrated with the demands and expectations placed on us by parents and administration. We have normal conflicts on our staff you expect to see played out in any normal family structure. But under his example, we always seem to get the job done (horrible cliche). We are not perfect, but how would perfect describe a family?

By adopting his philosophies on how to treat kids and manage a program, I see the path for a successful high school athletic program. He is the first to tell you that its not about the wins - although make no mistake we scratch for every win we can. His attitude is to do the best we can the best way we can with the best we have and the chips can fall where they may (ugh, another cliche).

I look at "R" as a father figure (he would argue that), professional peer, brother, boss, and comrade. I jokingly tell him that I do everything I do in order to make him look good, but it is true. That is what he inspires in me - the desire to make him genuinely successful because if we win his way, we win the right way. There is never a reason to be ashamed or to answer for actions that are untenable. He treats me with respect and trust (some things hard to come by in many families).

That's not really a backstory, but its where I'm coming from.

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