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Superintendent hugged me after my interview.


I could not have needed the job more. After years of graduate school and babies, I sat there in the office of Dr. Marsha Hurda at the finish line of a marathon of working and dreaming for the day someone would let me teach in their school.
I was a late bloomer – starting my journey at the bottom of the mountain age of thirty with a husband, a two year old and finally some vision of where I wanted my life to go.Five years and two more kids later, I sat straight up in my navy interview suit trying not to think about the other kids she interviewed that day, or how much I would have to pay the babysitter when I got home. “They must really like you down there,” she commented lightheartedly. “You are more expensive than those younger kids!” She chuckled at the fact that I was fourteen years older than the average applicant. I fought the urge to plead my case: how I had three kids, how my husband’s business was failing, how I needed to take control of my life before I lost my mind. Surely she would understand that I needed this job more than they did.

“Your test scores and grades are impressive, you come highly recommended…so why do you think I should hire you?” The final test question.

“Well, I really want to make a difference.” Too textbook. She stared back at me patiently.

“I can’t think of another job that is important enough to leave my kids for…” I could tell she thought that a predictable answer from a stay – at – home mom.

Ok …here it goes: “I live twelve minutes from this school, I own my house, I have three kids. I am not moving and my husband had a vascetomy. Unless there is a visit from the angel Gabriel, I will not be taking maternity leave…and I really, really want to teach.”

“There it is!” She clapped, stood up and walked around her desk to face me. “You are going to be great!”
My face flushed with relief. Both of us laughing. She shared her story of her working mom years though graduate school. We laughed about late nights and writing papers and wiping noses and changing diapers. She remembered. She knew.
“Welcome,” she took both of my hands as the interview came to an end. “Congratulations!”
“Thank you so much…” I wished

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