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Shoe salesman who stole commissions. Soleless.


Couldn't resist the pun, though the story is totally true. My first job was at Kinney Shoes, and I was 16. We all had our assigned sales numbers to use on the cash register after convincing our poor, unsuspecting customers that they MUST have this suede protectant spray or this leather softening ointment. We were compelled to meet a sales quota, and selling these "accessories" was my only way to earn anything above and beyond minimum wage. My sneaky boss, Brian, who was 30 years my senior, would try to "help out" by ringing up customers, using his own sales number and not mine. I soon wised up and had to learn - at a very young age - how to set boundaries with my superiors. I didn't last there long.

by three-monkeys in Six Words About Work - Bosses on Aug 03, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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