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Taught me too much about Excel.


When I was offered my current job as a Training Coordinator with a successful construction company, it came with one major requirement- "Learn Excel and run reports." I told my boss that I could handle that, "piece of cake!" I thought to myself. She handed me a huge stack of instructions, sent me to some classes, and walked me through the process. It was a tough process to learn and I went home with a pounding headache on many occasions. Fast forward to two years later and I currently run twelve massive reports monthly for our entire company (We have locations all over the US, Canada, and one in China). People now come to me with questions on how to use Excel and I remastered the reports more times then I can count! These reports are used every month by all of our senior leaders, for legal compliance reports and by all of the team members of our orgainization. They've paved my career path in pure gold- all of the CEOs know me and appreciate the work I do! Thanks to my boss for taking a chance on a girl who knew nothing about Excel, and for helping to mold me into such an important part of the company!

by MsKillie in Six Words About Work - Bosses on Aug 03, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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