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The CEO knew every intern's name.


When I told my boss I was leaving the publishing world to return to my roots in the arts, he did not accept my resignation! He took great pride in mentoring and retaining his team at a respected luxury lifestyle magazine company. Owned by two mammoth corporations (American Express and Time Inc.), our publishing house was run like a small company with an entrepreneurial spirit where we were given the chance to run our own businesses and feel a sense of ownership in the final products. Yes, he did know every intern's name and consistently promoted from within. I had created the first in-house publicity department. One day an overzealous reporter was about to report falsely on an Editor's decision to leave. I was in Maryland at my sister's wedding, and was literally walking down the aisle during the rehearsal when my phone rang with the news that a bad column item was expected to run in Sunday's paper. When I returned to work on Monday morning, I asked my boss what the outcome was, and if I was about to be fired since I wasn't there to handle the crisis. He smiled and said, "I'll tell you everything. But first, let me see photos from your sister's wedding."

by Elisa_Shevitz in Six Words About Work - Bosses on Aug 02, 2011 | add favorite | T-shirt

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