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There were so many more moving stories to choose from for our new book, The Moment: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories from 125 Writers and Artists Famous & Obscure that we included these stories as ones we truly wish we would’ve had room for. So we’re delighted to feature them here. In no particular order, these Moments are moving, poignant and from the heart. To pique your interest, we’ve included one line from each Moment below. Click on individual titles to read the full story.

Antonia Crane, The Exchange

“In the holding cell in County Jail a beautiful 18-year-old Hispanic girl asked me in a soft voice, ‘Why are you a prostitute?’”

Shauna Greene, Four Minutes Flat

“Three days past my due date, our mothers and their nervous energy overcrowding our 1,200 square foot condo, tons of labor-inducing wives’ tales tried and failed, we placed a desperate call to our midwife.”

Porochista Khakpour, Natural Causes

“Fear was a survivor’s luxury—the reward of living through the worst things.”

Lara Swimmer, Leaving Paris

“Every time I left Paris, I felt my heart ripping out. I knew that it was a place I would never “own”, only inhabit”

Cathy Alter, Catcalled

“It’s sad to say that I became a woman the day I was objectified by a man.”

Mary Ellen Marks, The Final Harpoon:

“Much of her life was spent raising eleven children and there was little time left over for coddling or self-absorption. Survival was the important thing.”

Ben Wieder, Things Done Changed

“My mother’s condition carried weight, even in the world of drugs, violence and death that Biggie had chronicled.”

Melinda Hill, Marriage Material

“Did you know that all you have to do to be validated by the entire world is to get engaged?”

Gina Elise, Pin-Up Girl

“Sometimes things strike a chord with you in life. I knew I had to do something to help.”

Molly Meyer, One November Night

“My resolve was bolstered by the fact that the object of my affection was a straight girl.”

Adam Roth, Bye, Nana

“The text my aunt sent me at midnight read, ‘I think Nana will go soon.’”

Adriano Morae, An Illustrated Moment

“Me and my brother having another of our fights. It had been coming. He punches me, I almost pull out a knife.”

Box Brown, Coming of Age

“Why’d she have to say it out loud?”

Nicola Behrman, Magic in the Mail

“Then something magical happened: Robert Braudt landed on my Facebook wall.”

Jace Albao, Pocket Cowboys

“My old man had promised her he wouldn’t gamble again, but special occasions call for exceptions. After all, he was a new father, and it was a night to celebrate.”

Pamela Skjolsvik, The Loss of Hope

“They didn’t know him, but they saw him through this reporter’s lense—a monster, a murderer, a rabid dog that had to be put down.”

Judy Clement, The Best, Easiest, Hardest, Craziest Thing in the World

“I watched you playing on the water’s edge and I ached for you.”

Kelley Jhung, Counterbalance

“The oblong green and white pill slid down my throat.”

Andrew Shaffer, The Moment I Quit Playing Dungeons and Dragons

“This was the moment that I had rehearsed in my head a thousand million billion trillion times, the moment that was never supposed to happen.”

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