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The Moment: A Selection

A Moment in the Piazza San Marco

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Julian Voloj and his wife Lisa live in Sunnyside, Queens. This photo is the Moment they knew they would be together. Julian explains below.

The photo was taken in 2002 at San Marco Square in Venice. Lisa and I had met briefly before in New York. She was 26, hailed from the Midwest, and living in Brooklyn. I was 28, born in Germany to Colombian parents, and living in Brussels. She came to visit me in Europe for our first “real” date.

When we kissed for the first time, we both knew that this is it. Everyone thought we were crazy, but against all odds, everything worked out. A year later I moved to New York, we got married the following year, and today we are happy parents of two boys.

I took this photo with a self-timer.

A Moment with Hunter S. Thompson

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

“This is Hunter Thompson. If you can get out here tomorrow, this job is yours. I’ll have my assistant buy you a ticket. You can pick it up at the airport. Tomorrow.”

In 1992, at 3am, Cheryl Della Pietra, now a copyeditor and mother, rolled out of bed in her postage stamp-sized Greenwich Village apartment to answer the ringng phone. Who could it be? In her Moment for SMITH Magazine, she writes:

I’m often up until 2, but almost never 3. And even though at this hour I’ve slept through hotel fire alarms, the phone jars me awake. The voice could be a prank, but it’s too random, and too much as I’ve imagined from what I’ve read. It’s a barky mumble, at once shy and demanding.

“Can you get out here tomorrow?”

“I’m sorry?” I say, sitting up.

“This is Hunter Thompson. If you can get out here tomorrow, this job is yours. I’ll have my assistant buy you a ticket. You can pick it up at the airport. Tomorrow.”

Read the rest of Cheryl’s Moment.

A Moment: “Momento Mori” by Adam Rensch

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

“There lives a voice there now, in the house of my memory, the ghost of the last thing my father said to me. This ghost is a comedian.”

Ask me how my father died and I’ll say, He fell and hit his head. I’ll say, It was a blood vessel that burst. I’ll say, It only took 30 seconds, because that’s what the coroner said. I’ll say, I don’t really know, because no one was there to see what happened, just my father, and he didn’t bother to leave a note, as I’m sure he would have written, Well I’ll be dipped in shit. He was always one to make these kinds of remarks at an inappropriate time—say, when you’re losing a lot of blood, when you’re crawling through broken bottles to find a place to die. (more…)

An Illustrated Moment by Adriano Moraes

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

When we initially put out a call for “Moments” to see if the concept would work as well as we hoped, we contacted a few of our favorite illustrators (a selection of the Moments that will end up in The Moment book will be illustrations, comics, or photographs). One such artist, Adriano Moraes, immediately replied by explaning, “My Moment involved a punch in the face and a knife. Between choosing accepting one or using the latter. I choose to leave.” He went on to explain: (more…)

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