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“Crying for Their Dog” by Richard Ferguson (audio)

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

By Larry Smith

“I stepped into the highway, met him head on, stomped a foot, hollered at him to scram. He stood his ground, kept barking. I kept stomping. The children kept shouting. The dog and I, we just stood there, unmoving, at that rise in the road”.

Since its release earlier this year, we’ve heard from readers across the world that The Moment is a book that people snuggle up with in bed, taking in a few “moments” a night. At the same time, one of the most unexpected pleasures is just how these stories have come alive at the events we’ve had across the country. At SMITH Magazine’s The Moment reading at Gallery at The Bootleg in Los Angeles, storyteller, musician and performance artist Richard Ferguson captivated the crowd with his reading of “Crying for Their Dog.” Here he reads it accompanied by an original score.

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