The Six-Word Memoir Game

The Six-Word Memoir Game is here! Since we launched the Six-Word Memoir project in 2006, time and again people have suggested we make a game. Now we’re pleased to announce that the Six-Word Memoir game is in stores courtesy of University Games, the shop behind games such as Murder Mystery Party, 20 Questions, and Worst-Case Scenario. University is SMITH Magazine’s kind of place: an independently owned company that’s found huge success by creating games that are smart, fun, and addictive. Our game is a simple format that requires little more than a pack of cards, a pencil, and a group of friends. We suspect Six Words will spur the same playful passion in game form as it does online, in books, and at live events. Order it from Amazon, Toys R Us, or

Owner Bob Moog believes the best games should be simple, thought-provoking, allow for lots of interaction for players between turns so no one gets bored, and be able to be enjoyed whether you’re 8 or 80. Importantly, as he told a San Francisco Chronicle reporter a few years ago, “We don’t put games out where there’s one winner and the rest are losers. Life is about process. Unfortunately, I know so many people where the winning and losing is what it’s about.”


Media: Please email concierge AT smithmag DOT net for more information, to request a game, or contact SMITH editor Larry Smith or Universal Games founder Bob Moog. Read the press release from University Games below.


Six-Word Memoirs Game Rocks Retailers
August 8, 2011, San Francisco, CA

Can you describe George Washington, Lindsay Lohan or the City of San Francisco in exactly six words? You will need to if you want to win Six-Word Memoirs by University Games. The game invites teams of players to battle for excellence in defining and deciphering famous topics of people and places in exactly six words. For example, do you know who, “Julie’s mom, wife of Tricky Dicky” would be? If you guessed Richard Nixon, then you’ve got it.

Six-Word Memoirs is the creation of Larry Smith’s online storytelling community, SMITH Magazine ( Smith first introduced the concept of describing a person in just six words on his web community and in one of the first Twitter feeds (@smithmag) in 2006. He called the form the “Six-Word Memoir” and this simple way to define a life went on to become New York Times bestselling book, Not Quite What I Was Planning in 2008. The book spawned several sequels—including a Japanese translation and more than half a million Six-Word Memoirs on SMITH Mag and SMITH Teens. Now the wildly popular concept jumps to life in a competitive team-based game which is launching at Toys R Us this month. Smith proudly explains: “The introduction of the game fulfills my dream to broaden the popularity of Six-Word Memoirs from the virtual world and books and into living rooms and kitchen tables of people of all ages across America and beyond.”

University Games is planning to promote the game both online and off in contests, and through live demonstrations. President Bob Moog sees this as a long-term property that will outlast many of the recent trendy games, “Six-Word Memoirs has an addictive quality that has pierced today’s culture. I see this as a game with legs that even my children will someday be playing,” says Moog.

SMITH Magazine and University Games have announced that the first production run of 10,000 games is presold and that a second production run is planned for the 4th quarter of 2011.

About University Games
University Games, founded in 1985, creates many award-winning toys and games including Totally Gross: the Game of Science, Zero, the game where you aim low to score high, and Kids Battle the Grown Ups.

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