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“Thinking of having iPhone surgically removed.” Six Worders on the iPhone

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

By Daniel Goldman

The new iPhone 5S comes with a 64-bit A7 processor and dual LED flash. I barely know what those words mean, but for some reason I kind of want one.

Apparently, I’m not alone. Since the first generation iPhone was released a mere six(™) years ago, it has become the single most ubiquitous, mythologized, and revered bits of technological innovation of this generation. With this reverence has also come fear and skepticism: is being connected at any time and place to any time place really good for us? Is it zapping our attention spans? Flattening our knowledge? Dampening our in-person social interactions?

Of course, complaining about the iPhone is a little bit like complaining about the refrigerator; it’s here to stay, so what’s the point? But these conflicting, dissonant feelings about the iPhone that we all, to some extent, share, are very real, and they’re what you’ll see conveyed and wrestled with in the iPhone-related Six-Word Memoirs. Oh, and P.S., don’t panic: the Six-Word iPhone app is on its way. —Daniel Goldman

Lost my iphone…who are you?
- mom1st

Stupid smart iphone: “menstruation” became “masturbation.”
- Amapola

Today’s iPhones are game boys reinvented.

Hardly recognized kids without their iPhones.
- jl333

O’Henry redux: sold iPhone, bought Beats.
- Redx3

Nothing new under sun. Except iPhones.
- Believe

Thinking of having iPhone surgically removed.

Idea. Rotary IPhone accessory. I’m old.

Awoke with iphone dent on face.
- emelanie

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6 responses

  1. bevvie says:

    iLike these!

  2. Loon says:

    The world is my butt call.

  3. kathi wright says:

    my modern trinity: iphone, keys, glasses

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