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Six-Word Search: Reading Between the Lines

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

By Yael Roberts

from LenEdgerly on flickr

For many of us, summer evokes kicking back and reading on the beach with a Kindle in one hand and a cold drink in the other. But are we really “reading?” Reading has always been connected to books.

Yet haven’t we always read road signs and menus, labels and ads? Words are everywhere. And we’ve always read between the lines, read other people’s minds, and read signals until we read too much into things. Reading has always been beyond the page. It’s not about pronouncing words, but about understanding the world. It turns out, reading hasn’t changed much, but maybe where and when we do it has. And today, we still read to write, or in some cases type. So read the following Six-Word Memoirs about reading in all forms and functions. Then, write your own for someone else to read.

Reading binge gave me reading hangover.

Felt old, reading paperback on train.

Reading pre-email letters. Incredibly nostalgic. Surreal.

Two kids gone. Three hours reading.

They’re reading fanfiction. Together. How intimate.

Prefer reading menu than Petraeus drama.

Reading memoirs. Drinking wine. Excellent combo.

Seeing scars is reading ghost stories.

Former boss reading my Facebook wall.

Can’t stop re-reading all your texts.

Discovered my destiny reading alphabet soup.

I am my own reading material.

Can’t unplug wife’s mind reading machine.

Pleasure reading your thoughts and heart.

Incorrectly reading between lines, my forte.

My B.S. meter is reading “full”.

Reading into everything, all the time.

Mixed signals or am I misreading?

Reading about writing to improve prose.

Writing is just reading in reverse.

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6 responses

  1. bevvie says:

    nice ones as usual.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Read, cry, write. It’s a movie.

  3. Samantha Kollinz says:

    Amazing story!

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