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Six-Word Search: Secrets

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

By Allison Keene


Having secrets is a part of being human. By keeping parts of our lives private, we give ourselves the chance to form an identity apart from the public sphere and, in turn, an independent sense of self. In sharing our secrets with others, we choose to share our most private selves; the telling and keeping of secrets a very intimate matter in any relationship.

In a world where social media is reinventing the style and speed with which secrets are spilled, and America’ most famous fugitive, Edward Snowden, is on the run for the secrets he shared, we thought it was time to gather a few of your most poignant Six-Word Memoirs on secrets.

Sometimes I keep secrets from myself.

- jl333

My novel is filled with secrets.

- ReannaKeller

Understanding patterns is secret to Life.

- ciofki

Soul of discretion. Keeper of secrets.

- ctgoods2

My inner NSA crushed my secrets.

- wescoll

My best secrets are Facebook statuses.

- JohnBigJohn

Secrets granted to those worth keeping.

- unknown116

Secrets. Need to disguise. Writes novels.

- Steve__Anthony

Secret of flight: forgetting to fall.

- Dean6805

I have secrets. Secrets halve me.

- Staraj

Scantily clad. My hot-flash secret weapon.

- accidentaltourist

I so much love being secretive!

- Bree_TM

Give yourself some secret power names.

- illuminatrix

The kettle knows the pot’s secrets.

- canadafreeze

Former tattle-tale now good secret keeper.

- l8leigh

Social media has no secrets.

- cdavis

My secrets are written on Facebook.

- nicki1jess

I’m secretly in love with humanity.

- ba_miracle

I am secretly someone’s alter ego.

- Wench

Literary dreams and secret wine stash.

- lzcrowder

A secret shared is trust offered.

- KharisJo

Not artsy, with secret artsy ambitions.

- mzejay

Dog knows; keeps all my secrets.

- Mourningdove

Secret of life: Marry an Italian.

- Nora Ephron

Finally admitted I can’t keep secrets.

- Browniethehamster

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  1. bevvie says:

    Love these!

  2. AT says:

    So nice to see some of these again. :)

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