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Six-Word Caption Contest #14 (and Winner #13)

Monday, December 17th, 2012

By Larry Smith

Face it: six words to win $50 Shutterfly is a ton of fun. To enter this week’s contest leave a six-word caption to describe this photo you see here in the comments area below by 5pm EST this Friday, Dec. 21. Each entry should be separate comment and you can submit up to 10 entries; read the official rules for more details.

Last week we sent in the clowns and you responded with witty words to describe the photo found in this blog post. And the winning six is… “At least we’re not mimes again,” by Wolfie. Thanks to all who entered—no fooling.

337 responses

  1. bevvie says:

    I thought I broke that camera!

  2. ctgoods says:

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

  3. maryjane31 says:

    Look who’s here! Missed you friend!

  4. maryjane31 says:

    Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

  5. maryjane31 says:

    Long time no see there stranger!

  6. maryjane31 says:

    Well aren’t you a sight.

  7. maryjane31 says:

    Hi Santa, is that really you?

  8. maryjane31 says:

    Well shiver me timbers, Santa’s here!

  9. Izzy says:

    Just one more and I’ll quit.

  10. Wolfie says:

    My real name is, Bella Lugosi.

  11. Wolfie says:

    You’re getting drowsy,very very, drowsy

  12. Wolfie says:

    If this was only a piano!

  13. maryjane31 says:

    Looks like the gangs all here!

  14. Jenny says:

    The waitress was right! Hot plate!

  15. JAD says:

    There’s no food in this dish!

  16. JAD says:

    Can I get some service please?

  17. Autumn22 says:

    This IS my surprised look, ok?

  18. Autumn22 says:

    Just press the little button already!

  19. Autumn22 says:

    How did you know my name?

  20. Autumn22 says:

    Nooooo, I already took a bath!

  21. Autumn22 says:

    WHO did you say is coming?

  22. Autumn22 says:

    Oh! That’s why I shouldn’t touch!

  23. maryjane31 says:

    How’d you know it’s my birthday!

  24. oceanpoet says:

    “This potty training is over rated”

  25. mzejay says:

    See! I’m too cute for guilt.

  26. PVHARRINGTON says:

    You think I’ve eaten enough? Hilarious!

  27. maryjane31 says:

    Hey! Who’s that taking my picture.

  28. kisskissgirl says:

    Can’t believe I ate whole thing!

  29. kisskissgirl says:

    What? I’m picking up the check?

  30. kisskissgirl says:

    Stop poking me already….! Will ya?!

  31. Miss Sally says:

    Coffee! Coffee! Give me more coffee!

  32. Miss Sally says:

    Mercy! I think I’m in love!

  33. Miss Sally says:

    Is she a babe or what?!!

  34. Miss Sally says:

    It’s him! Sponge Bob Square Pants!

  35. scribbling_scribe says:

    And now, Junior’s Marty Feldman impression…

  36. scribbling_scribe says:

    No. That sound wasn’t “the raspberry”.

  37. JAD says:

    Just one of my many faces.

  38. kadeempardue says:

    Look I want to eat a lot!

  39. Autumn22 says:

    My poker face gets ‘em everytime!

  40. Autumn22 says:

    I saw Jim Carey do this.

  41. Autumn22 says:

    Punked? I knew something was up!

  42. Autumn22 says:

    Deciding whether to laugh or cry.

  43. UN says:

    You know when you gotta go!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Who’s my Daddy? Whaddya thinking Lady?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Who said, soups not finger food?

  46. bevvie says:

    You again? I’m on a date!

  47. Lyn says:

    You want to eat WHAT?

  48. Lyn says:

    You want me to eat WHAT?

  49. Miss Sally says:

    Uh oh! Warm hand. Wet pants.

  50. stephanie says:

    STEAK?! I thought you said CAKE!

  51. LoLo says:

    No Credit! Wash Dishes? Oh, dear….

  52. David says:

    You talking to me !

  53. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Mikey’s delicate palate’s first Szechuan experience.

    Mikey tried it, didn’t like it.

    Some like it hot, some don’t.

    Pleassse pass me the fire extinguisher.

    Should’ve thrown it on the floor.

  54. Kelleybelly says:

    You’re wearing that?

  55. Kelleybelly says:

    I’m sitting by her again?

  56. Kelleybelly says:

    Were’s the nearest potty?

  57. Kelleybelly says:

    It DID freeze this way.

  58. mjeanob says:

    Why should I have to pay?

  59. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever says:

    Really? Not going on my plate!

  60. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever says:

    I believe … I believe … I BELIEVE!

  61. mjeanob says:

    What do you mean ‘I’m adopted’?

  62. mjeanob says:

    There’s no such thing as Santa??

  63. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever says:

    It has eyes. Gonna eat me!!!

  64. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever says:

    Don’t believe me? You try it!

  65. mjeanob says:

    What do you mean “No Dessert??”

  66. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever says:

    Not on the menu? Since when???

  67. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever says:

    I do get dessert first … right?

  68. mjeanob says:

    She’s leaning in for a kiss…

  69. mjeanob says:

    No, I will not kiss you.

  70. mjeanob says:

    I’m sexy and I know it.

  71. mjeanob says:

    You could’ve at least warned me.

  72. Karen says:

    No way Ma, not another pictur!

  73. Uncle Matt says:

    you HAVE to be kidding me!

  74. SteveG says:

    THIS is the fiscal cliff??

  75. SteveG says:

    And it’s happening on December 21st?

  76. SteveG says:

    The world is ending WHEN?

  77. NumbrOneAunt says:

    Santa SAW me dump that food?

  78. AleciaInspires says:

    Hey get out of my face!

  79. Maddie says:


  80. Sara says:

    Would you look at the time!

  81. Sara says:

    Don’t tell me! You’re pregnant!

  82. Sara says:

    You’re getting married to whom?!

  83. Sara says:

    Does your mother know you’re here?

  84. notyouraveragegirl says:

    Did somebody spike my fruit juice?

  85. ctgoods says:

    No chopsticks, no problem. Got milk?

  86. Becca says:

    He has binders full of women?!

  87. brandonindothan says:

    WOW, thats a big zit!

  88. brandonindothan says:

    Out of chicken nuggets?!

  89. lifelady123 says:

    THAT’s what little girls are made of?!

  90. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever says:

    You ever seen a shutter fly?

  91. Marisariel says:

    Mommy…You have the diapers rt?

  92. Patti H says:

    I can’t smile. Too much botox.

  93. Patti H says:

    I think I pooped my pants!

  94. Kampbyll says:

    What did i ever do to you!

  95. Patti H says:

    You mean we won the election??

  96. Patti H says:

    I got cast in The Hobbit?

  97. Patti H says:

    Ugh Oh…Didn’t wear my pullups!

  98. Roberta says:

    No comment. Haven’t tried the food.

  99. ScottT says:

    You’ve downloaded a bill splitting app!

  100. ScottT says:

    Crazy glue my plate real funny.

  101. Traci Reed says:

    Where’s the beef?

  102. Traci Reed says:


    So, where is that beef, ma?

  103. Deb says:

    Who Ate My Mac N Cheese!?

  104. MamaP says:

    Empty stomach, no food..what’s up?

  105. marlajane says:

    Don’t you give me that face!

  106. Ken says:

    Whatda mean, “Food’s on the WAY!”

  107. Dean6805 says:

    What do you mean, “no bacon?!”

  108. yaya24 says:

    Ahh! Mom, you forgot your makeup!

  109. Songwriter says:

    Too many shiny things in restaurants.

  110. vemmaga says:

    Is THIS a BIG enough SMILE?

  111. Marty says:


  112. Erin says:

    Great window seat; hoping car stops.

  113. billymac says:

    How much were those pancakes?

  114. billymac says:

    Want me to pay the check?

  115. mjarabia says:

    Am I a clown to you?

  116. DukeRaider says:

    Wait, I sucked WHAT for food?

  117. DukeRaider says:

    Gives new meaning to term Facebook.

  118. DukeRaider says:

    “That e-trade baby thinks HE’S cuter?”

  119. DukeRaider says:

    “Wait, you’re putting that thermometer where?”

  120. DukeRaider says:

    Practicing my drunk face for college.

  121. DukeRaider says:

    “Charlie, Honey BooBoo wants a playdate.”

  122. Christina says:

    What? You were lying about dessert?

  123. nanatama says:

    In one end, OOutt the other!

  124. buckiann says:

    The Devil in the pale moonlight?

  125. dean says:

    “wanna see me imitate a deer?”

  126. mjarabia says:

    Woah! Not those kind of mushrooms!

  127. tatie says:

    Well shut the front door!

  128. tatie says:

    I think you’ve mistaken me for your therapist!

  129. tatie says:

    What do you mean you’re cutting me off??!!

  130. JAD says:

    I’m serious than a heart attack!

  131. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    You want me to EAT this?

  132. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    But I just ate those crayons!

  133. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    Milk, please – make it a double.

  134. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    No, I’m highly allergic to vegetables!

  135. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    NOT organic? I’ll have cake instead.

  136. Faye says:

    Sugar dropping where is the food?

  137. Ladybug says:

    NO MILK! Are you kidding me??

  138. Ladybug says:

    But Daddy said ice cream first!

  139. Ladybug says:

    Leave the gun, take the cannoli?

  140. Ladybug says:

    What the heck does that mean??

  141. Ladybug says:

    Of course I want an appetizer!

  142. Ladybug says:


  143. maryjane31 says:

    Gosh, golly, gee, willikers! It’s SANTA!!

  144. Brooke says:

    No more turkey, are you kidding!

  145. Danielle says:

    There were vegetables in that???!!!

  146. Hank says:

    I was NEVER on the internet!

  147. Hank says:

    Good golly, Miss Molly, you’re HOT!

  148. Hank says:

    I’m missing my soup here, sweetheart!

  149. Hank says:

    No pictures! Future Miss America here.

  150. Hank says:

    Can’t a guy eat in peace?

  151. Hank says:

    What is in this guy’s pocket?

  152. Hank says:

    Meat loaf and some beers, please.

  153. Hank says:

    Am I in the wrong seat?

  154. Hank says:

    Help! His buckle is branding me!

  155. Hank says:

    Noooo!….then what did she say?

  156. shirley says:

    I still have to be circumcised?!?

  157. Courtney Balestracci says:

    Where’s My Food Woman?!

  158. Courtney Balestracci says:

    She did what with a goat?!

  159. Courtney Balestracci says:

    But I don’t want a Haircut!

  160. Christine Walgamott says:

    Its on! Kids Eat for free?

  161. Wolfe says:

    Waiter! Something’s swimming in my soup.

  162. Jana says:

    Noooo grandma…. Not the cheeks again!!!

  163. Jana says:

    Noooo, you can’t have my nose!

  164. Lorraine says:

    What do you mean? None Left!

  165. DrPamPC says:

    I’m at the grown ups table!

  166. ErAnd1 says:

    Tell me, do I look surprised?

  167. Kristy says:

    Life is just full of surprises!

  168. Bill Briggs says:

    You’re gonna need a bigger diaper.

  169. Bill Briggs says:

    You’re gonna need a bigger diaper…

  170. Julie Pilon says:

    I can’t believe it’s not butter!!

  171. Nancy Weekley says:

    Honest! Believe me. Would I lie?

  172. Rachel says:

    Did that noise come out of me!

  173. Rachel says:

    Where did that noise come from????

  174. Krissi says:

    Hey, think I’m a Chick magnet!!

  175. Caron says:

    They did WHAT at Disney World?!

  176. Amanda says:

    You should’ve said Turkey causes Gas!

  177. Chris says:

    I missed cake?No Way mom!.

  178. Anonymous says:

    Believe it. I ate the Okra.

  179. Dottie C. says:

    Cute pic.

  180. Dottie C. says:

    Believe it. I ate the Okra.

  181. Aida says:

    Hey buddy, You again?

  182. Cheryl says:

    I did NOT feed the dog!

  183. Ali says:

    You wanna talk about my mom?!?!

  184. Ana says:

    Really?… WHAT are you talking about?

  185. Linda says:

    You would believe that about me???

  186. Debby P says:

    OMG! Put some clothes on PLEASE!

  187. Sandra W says:

    You want me to eat what !

  188. Lisa Schuster says:

    Oh no! I ate Santa’s cookies!

  189. PP says:

    Dude, where’s my pizza?!!!

  190. Gpbgirl says:


  191. Anonymous says:


  192. Linda G says:

    Oh no…Dad’s making my lunch!

  193. Linda G says:

    My escape kit’s in the car!

  194. Linda G says:

    My sister’s in charge - save yourself!

  195. Nick Mathis says:

    I said you could have a BITE!

  196. Nick Mathis says:

    They make menus for deserts?!

  197. Nick Mathis says:

    What the… that wasn’t a BITE!

  198. Roo says:

    I didn’t do it!

  199. Matthew says:

    Uh-oh, I think I just Sharted!

  200. dlittle says:

    Hey! Don’t shout so LOUD!

  201. dlittle says:

    Who ate my EGGO!

  202. dlittle says:

    We’re going to Disney World!

  203. dlittle says:

    OH, Lordeeeeeeeeee!

  204. dlittle says:

    My diaper has reached FULL CAPACITY!

  205. dlittle says:

    This is my “come hither” face.

  206. dlittle says:

    Houston, I think we have a problem.

  207. wg says:

    Did you REALLY forget your wallet?!?

  208. Cath. says:

    You made my new sister how??

  209. Barbra says:

    You did what at my birth??!!

  210. MARGE says:

    I was born this way!

  211. Pink Princess says:

    Say what !!! dude !!!!…I am paying for that plate ……

  212. DEA says:

    What happened to my dinner, man?

  213. Annette says:

    Kayne West and Kim Kardashian are having a what??????

  214. Annette says:

    Mark Sanchez just threw another interception!

  215. Boris says:


  216. Jenn says:


  217. Kelly says:

    Uh… Hey mom, I’m just leaving…..

  218. Alex says:


  219. Angela says:

    I wanted my steak MEDIUM-RARE! Where’s your manager Blondie?

  220. Shannon says:

    Oh No..You Dih-ent !

  221. Shannon says:

    Seriously? Another 4 Years of Obama….

  222. Rachel says:

    What in the…….peanuts?!

  223. Lea Ann says:

    You want me to eat what?

  224. Jess says:

    Did you say chocolate milk!!?!

  225. Sara says:

    WHAT?! My Diet starts TOMORROW!

  226. Sheila says:

    Did you see what I saw?

  227. Jane B says:

    He won the presidential election AGAIN?

  228. John says:

    “Potty training at the dinner table!”

  229. Jody Chesney says:

    All gone but I get more?

  230. TwilightForever says:


  231. Dorothy says:

    Look! did you just see that.

  232. MAV says:

    You want me to do what?

  233. ses says:

    Oops! You didn’t hear that, right?

  234. Aggie says:

    I don’t have time for that!

  235. Aggie says:

    Wow,you are freaking me out!

  236. Aggie says:

    That was super bright flash,man!

  237. Aggie says:

    Looks like your flash is on!

  238. Aggie says:

    I am thrilled to be here!

  239. Aggie says:

    Wow,I do see angels everywhere!

  240. Bridget says:

    I said CHEESE!!

  241. Bridget says:

    I told you no…

  242. Bridget says:

    We have to go!

  243. Bridget says:

    A trillion dollar coin?

  244. Bridget says:

    Is that real?

  245. Bridget says:

    Garage door closed..KEVIN!!

  246. Bridget says:

    Look mom…no hands!

  247. Bridget says:

    Your my…real dad?

  248. Bridget says:

    She CAN drop like its hot!

  249. Bridget says:

    Your wife’s here! BUSTED DUDE!!!

  250. Gardener says:

    “You gave the dog my pancakes?!”

  251. Gardener says:

    “Mommy, daddy ate all my cookies!”

  252. Tamika Brown says:

    Really, Why is my plate empty?

  253. Claire says:

    Whad’ya mean out of wiener schnitzel?!!

  254. Laura says:

    what?!? you mean santas not real???

  255. suncassie says:

    What on earth happened to you?

  256. trodery says:

    wow…really?!? I mean that’s great

  257. Madison says:

    Where did all the food go?!?!

  258. Dee D says:

    It was here a minute ago!

  259. Mallory says:

    Shut The Front Door!

  260. David says:

    Oh No! that wasn’t a fart!!

  261. Gloria says:

    Grandpa said I could have it!!!

  262. Chris says:

    I have to eat WHAT???

  263. marie says:

    REALLY ??

  264. mrscfink says:

    Potty Training…Are you serious??? Now??

  265. mrscfink says:

    Man I swear…that’s not mine.

  266. Holly says:

    This is why I love surprises!
    This is why I hate surprises!
    I told you I hate surprises!

  267. Brittany says:

    I just ate WHAT?!

  268. Debbi says:

    OMG!! The foods all gone :(

  269. renee says:

    opps beer?thought it was juice

  270. Brandie says:

    “WoW” is that really you nanna!

  271. Brandie says:

    Don’t blame it on me!

  272. Brandie says:

    So what you dont say no kidding!

  273. Brandie says:

    Your really freaking me out now

  274. Brandie says:

    Mom’s WHAT!!

  275. Brandie says:

    I’m going to be a big brother!

  276. Brandie says:

    I’m not changing his diaper dad!

  277. Brandie says:

    Ya your telling me crazy man!

  278. Brandie says:

    I Can’t believe it’s not butter

  279. Karen says:

    Hold my poopies and you’ll what?

  280. Karen says:

    Know where “cartoon eyes” came from?

  281. Karen says:

    Flash… and you get MOON FACE

  282. Karen says:

    No way, a Poo poo platter?

  283. Karen says:

    You’ll blink before I do! Bet!

  284. Karen says:

    How daddy looked when mommy surprised…

  285. nou says:

    say what!?

  286. marine21 says:

    did you seriously just do that

  287. marine21 says:

    where did you come from

  288. marine21 says:

    push! why did you say that

  289. marine21 says:

    oh no she didn’t

  290. marine21 says:

    hold on a second! what now!

  291. marine21 says:

    I didn’t do it

  292. marine21 says:

    I am not paying

  293. Jer says:


  294. briana Lewis says:

    Ha, thats what she said!

  295. briana Lewis says:

    Are you for real?! Thats wretched!

  296. briana Lewis says:

    My face is twitching, just hurry!

  297. Sara says:

    Wow! Well, hello there pretty lady!

  298. Sara says:

    The back of your head’s ridiculous!

  299. Sara says:

    You’ve got a big boogie hanging!

  300. Sara says:

    What is wrong with your face?!

  301. tee says:

    I just saw a scary ghost

  302. Brianna says:

    Can you stop tickling my elbow!

  303. Brianna says:

    This is my poo poo face.

  304. Adopted says:

    mjeanob and bridget:

    in this day and age, people should know that it is not okay to make jokes about adoption.

  305. Brittany says:

    You scared me with that flash………..

  306. Phil says:

    Dude! What are you doing here?

  307. ashley says:

    Wow! The plate IS hot!!!!

  308. Joelle says:

    It wasn’t me I swear!

  309. Magali says:

    I just broke my diet promise!

  310. Stephanie T says:

    What do you mean Boogie Man?

  311. Dawn R. says:

    I’m right here! PLEASE stop kissing?!

  312. Dawn R. says:

    No! I asked for a BROTHER!

  313. Tiffany says:

    You want me to eat WHAT?

  314. Claudia says:

    I think I just saw Santa!

  315. Ginger says:

    You want me to do WHAT?

  316. Ginger says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  317. JRae says:

    A widdle warm, wet, and worried!

  318. Emilia says:

    So where is my second breakfast?

  319. Melissa says:

    What?….Your posting these on Facebook!

  320. Kurt says:

    I’m going to be a Brother???

  321. mssandim says:

    It’s gone! Gone I tell ya!

  322. Anonymous says:

    Who the heck ate my grapes!??!?!

  323. Sarah Stulmaker says:

    OMG what is that!

  324. Mary says:

    Come on what’s for dinner?

  325. Mary says:

    Come on where is my dinner?

  326. SunshineS says:

    So… that was Babe I just ate?

  327. SunshineS says:

    So… that was Wilbur I just ate?

  328. SunshineS says:

    Wait! Chicken, like Chicken Little?

  329. SunshineS says:

    Old MacDonald’s farm is NOT organic?

  330. SunshineS says:

    She’s my Grandma, not your mother!

  331. SunshineS says:

    No service without my ID?

  332. SunshineS says:

    Pick up what I dropped lady!

  333. vinylgeek says:


  334. Natalie says:

    Where did my mom go?

  335. Kim says:

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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