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Six-Word Caption Contest #6 (and Winner #5)

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

By Larry Smith

SMITH and Shutterfly’s Six-Word caption contest keeps rolling into—wait for it—its sixth week. It goes like this: Each Monday morning we post a photo from Shutterfly on the Six-Word Memoir project and you have until Friday at 5pm EST to write a six-word caption. One savvy six-word scribe wins a gift certificate for $50 for Shutterfly. Leave your six words that get to the essence of the photo you see here in the comments area below. You can submit up to 10 entries; read the official rules for more details.

Last week hundreds of you made strummed to the tune of six to describe the photo you see in this blog post. And the winning six is: “Plaid’s fading fast. Mom, send cash.” by RatherBeSewing. Thanks to all for playing—and good luck this week.

Plus: The deadline for submitting to our new book of illustrated Six-Word-Memoirs by students of all ages is November 5. And it’s a very special one, an eBook with the folks at the TED conference.

195 responses

  1. mzejay says:

    Drink up, surprise on the bottom.

  2. JAD says:

    Looking good, just won’t drink ya.

  3. heem08 says:

    If not Budweiser take it away!

  4. Bobbee says:

    Here is to another forgettable night!

  5. Bobbee says:

    Pop Rocks and Beer. Never trust bartender.

  6. Miss Sally says:

    Must be Love Potion Number 10!

  7. Miss Sally says:

    Strange brew from the witch’s cauldron.

  8. Miss Sally says:

    The Magical Mystery Brew. Produced locally.

  9. Miss Sally says:

    Want a little chemistry? Drink this!

  10. R A Stanley says:

    A shot of recklessness and regret.

  11. Miss Sally says:

    The taste of fire and ice.

  12. Miss Sally says:

    “Incantation”. Double double toil and trouble.

  13. Miss Sally says:

    It’s the drink of no return

  14. Miss Sally says:

    Shirley Temple never looked like this

  15. Breezy says:

    Atomic Bomb Party in a glass!

  16. DFitty says:

    Has anyone seen my Pop Rocks?

  17. Terri says:

    WARNING: May lead to keg stands.

  18. Terri says:

    This is what regret looks like.

  19. Terri says:

    Beer goggles making drink look fuzzy.

  20. Miss Sally says:

    Would Chex’s little Mikey drink this?!

  21. maryjane31 says:

    Bartender, please freshen up my drink.

  22. maryjane31 says:

    Beer lame as this evening feels.

  23. Rhonda L says:

    Shot of liquid gold sans inhibitions.

  24. Leslie Reyes says:

    Promise, this is my last… BURPPP!!!

  25. Leslie Reyes says:

    Virtual beer! It’s the best app.

  26. favepeep says:

    Honey, have you seen my teeth?

  27. Ky says:

    Volcano, burning going down eruption out.

  28. Miss Sally says:

    Beer for the rich and famous

  29. Kampbyll says:

    This Beer Burn’s Goings Down!

  30. Kampbyll says:

    Warning! May Cause Death! Substance Unknown!

  31. Kampbyll says:

    And Then AA Was Invented!

  32. Kampbyll says:

    A Vampires Beer!

  33. Yasmin says:

    I put that $&$-/:ish on everything !

  34. AQScott says:

    Consuming conflagration…trying to date Firefighter.

  35. -K- says:

    A hot shot in the light.

  36. -K- says:

    Thats what your gonna feel like.

  37. -K- says:

    Watch out stomach, here it comes…

  38. -K- says:

    So what was in it again?

  39. -K- says:

    One more and I gotta go…

  40. -K- says:

    To much, too little, too late.

  41. CleverKS says:

    Frothy volcano erupts inside glass.

  42. JAD says:

    I’ll drink anything wet, not this.

  43. Terrie says:

    Icy hot cool to the touch

  44. carmelcat says:

    Looks 22, but sounds like 14.

  45. Dinger says:

    Time for Blood, Sweat and Beers

  46. Jules says:

    Impending gastric ulcer in a glass.

  47. Christi says:

    A full night’s worth of courage.

  48. Missy says:

    Bubbly, frothy, volcano in a glass

  49. Jessie says:

    Every king was a wailing baby

  50. Jessie says:

    Caffeine keeps humans working at night

  51. scrambledIdeas says:

    Sometimes you need vices to cope!

  52. Bing says:

    To Bill Nye the Science Guy!

  53. Bing says:

    This one is on the house

  54. Bing says:

    Pop Rocks and Jameson, good call

  55. jedsman says:

    My god, who stayed last night!

  56. jedsman says:

    Accidental dental displacement in dram drink.

  57. jedsman says:

    Dental disappearance, drunk dowager denies demise.

  58. jedsman says:

    Tantalising teeth tragedy, police probe pub.

  59. L2l3 says:

    ‘Twas a very good cauldron, indeed!

  60. Kenyagirl says:

    Ice cold fire…drown away sorrows.

  61. ZKX says:

    Maybe this will make her hotter.

  62. kathi wright says:

    this ain’t no milky way, bud

  63. KFitty says:

    Time to clean the fish bowl.

  64. Caryn930 says:

    Liquid nuclear fission, Tee minus three…….

  65. Aslek says:

    Fall apart or gather the pieces

  66. scribbling_scribe says:

    Slamming shooters. Headed for the slammer?

  67. maryjane31 says:

    Please remove this from my sight!

  68. Flash says:

    Don’t drink and drive…PLEASE DON’T!

  69. Flash says:

    A shot’s worth a thousand words

  70. Flash says:

    Looks so good…burns like hell.

  71. Bobbee says:

    Used liquid courage. Silenced outspoken wino.

  72. Trouble007 says:

    Chemists find employment at local tavern.

  73. Trouble007 says:

    Sea monkeys: beer’s new accompaniment.

  74. Trouble007 says:

    Police link pub to recent disappearances.

  75. Trouble007 says:

    Trendy drink includes its own ulcer.

  76. mourningdove says:

    Peer pressure always leads to trouble.

  77. mourningdove says:

    Will have an antacid chaser, please.

  78. mourningdove says:

    Slipped me a Micky, I think.

  79. mourningdove says:

    Gastroenterologist warning, drink this, sorry morning.

  80. mourningdove says:

    Just add garlic, keep away vampires.

  81. LadyMac says:

    Oy! Fetch me a frothy Butterbeer!

  82. LadyMac says:

    Recipe for a starry starry night!

  83. LadyMac says:

    Chemical engineering degree: $100,000. Mixology: priceless.

  84. LadyMac says:

    More fun than a poisoned apple.

  85. LadyMac says:

    I prefer to get drunk aesthetically.

  86. rabbithole says:

    Lance Armstrong’s urine sample vows revenge.

  87. Amapola says:

    Hell. Heaven. All in one glass.

  88. Amapola says:

    Liquid stalagmites soon erupting in volcanic eruct.

  89. Amapola says:

    ooops I hit the wrong key. Here it is what is should be:

    Liquid stalagmites: volcanic eruct erupting soon.

  90. Amapola says:

    Whoever drinks this, will find nirvana.

  91. Amapola says:

    Feeling abandoned when everything’s burning.

  92. Amapola says:

    Feeling abandoned when everything’s nearly burning.

  93. LadyMac says:

    Thanks, Mom. You’re the coolest ever.

  94. MeganS says:

    The future Martian drink. looks… Interesting 

  95. MeganS says:

    This is some funky looking Kool-aid 

  96. MeganS says:

    Who did this to my juice!?!

  97. MeganS says:

    Thaaat’s what made his breath smell!

  98. MeganS says:

    The new fizzy drink for vampires

  99. MeganS says:

    New Cosmic drink, wanna try it?

  100. MeganS says:

    Sunshine in a cup, drink responsibly 

  101. MeganS says:

    Work for tips not tipsy people 

  102. kathi wright says:

    the bartenders guide to the universe…

  103. KathyS says:

    Another Tequila Sunrise, Please Drink up!

  104. KathyS says:

    My husband thinks it’s a fish!

  105. KathyS says:

    Where is my little Red Fish?

  106. KathyS says:

    It’s just another K’tella Sun Rise :-)

  107. Helen Davis says:

    Don’t I get a paper umbrella?

  108. maryjane31 says:

    Are those false teeth at bottom?

  109. Helen Davis says:

    Still happy hour? I’ll take two.

  110. Helen Davis says:

    Drink now, repent in the morning.

  111. maryjane31 says:

    Put a foamy head on this.

  112. mzejay says:

    Looks like Sea Monkey starter kit.

  113. mzejay says:

    I hope someone knows its ingredients.

  114. mzejay says:

    This is love potion number ten.

  115. ctgoods says:

    Heaven’s overhang makes a helluva hangover.

  116. Trouble007 says:

    I vant to drink your blood…

  117. Trouble007 says:

    Acid influx precedes acid reflux.

  118. Trouble007 says:

    Cash bar available at Twilight Convention.

  119. Trouble007 says:

    Enjoy your drink Dr. Lecter.

  120. Dyan Titchnell says:

    “Wow! I’ll have whatever he’s having.”

  121. Robin Slick says:

    Water dresses as beer for Halloween

  122. Trouble007 says:

    Dude. You got some whack roofies.

  123. Surya says:

    Liquid sugar cotted posion, drink up

  124. Emmett says:

    Here comes the next super brute

  125. Emmett says:

    Our newest version of drinkable rainbows

  126. Emmett says:

    Home made delicious beyond flavored… Something

  127. Emmett says:

    Home made delicious neon flavored… Something

  128. Emmett says:

    This is octane in a cup

  129. MsKillie says:

    Shots in Vegas are always hot.

  130. MsKillie says:

    Pop Rocks do go with everything.

  131. Trouble007 says:

    Opening a tab Mr. Lugosi?

  132. kisskissgirl says:

    Volcanic rainbow erupts in shot glass!

  133. Hokie04 says:

    Science experiement in a shot glass

  134. Hokie04 says:

    Bubbling hot, take one last shot

  135. Hokie04 says:

    Shimmer, shine and better than wine

  136. L2l3 says:

    Grim Reaper fearful of “bottoms up.”

  137. L2l3 says:

    Always something creepy at the bottom…

  138. L2l3 says:

    “Alka Seltzer, I am your father.”

  139. Anonymous says:

    Ten parts beer six parts fear

  140. Anonymous says:

    “Waiter, Halloween is in my beer.”

  141. Savita says:

    It tastes better than it looks.

  142. Savita says:

    I swear it won’t kill you.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Celebrate with monster mishmash spook brew

  144. Anonymous says:

    Aiphabet Spook Ghost Pale Fright Ale

  145. JAD says:

    Could this be Dr. Jekyll’s serum?

  146. Trouble007 says:

    A round of Dahmers on me!

  147. Trouble007 says:

    Hey bartender! I said AB negative!

  148. Redx3 says:

    Compliments of Mister Jim Jones. Cheers!

  149. Redx3 says:

    “I said piss and vinegar. Vinegar!”

  150. Redx3 says:

    Egg drop soup chilled gazpacho-style.

  151. Redx3 says:

    Reports a body found in vats…

  152. Redx3 says:

    Flirting with the bartender failed miserably.

  153. Songwriter says:

    After 18 T.G.I.F. had new meaning.

  154. Coach Rich says:

    Truth Serum: A Party Nightmare

  155. Coach Rich says:

    My Mind Eraser!!!

  156. NumbrOneAunt says:

    JUST created this! Wanna try it?

  157. Candacemahoney says:

    The beginning of many poor decisions.

  158. Candacemahoney says:

    Bottoms up. Fire in the hole!

  159. Smoky Mountain Brooke says:

    Always trouble in glass of beer

  160. Guiselle says:

    Drink up? No thanks I’ll pass!

  161. suncassie says:

    Drink the volcano, down in one!

  162. Vincent Aurelius says:

    That’ll put fire in your belly!

  163. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Thinking a witch spiked my beer.
    Trick or treat? Take your chances.

  164. Denney1023 says:

    This year’s Halloween Party Favor? Frankenshot

  165. DynamicDbytheC says:

    No thanks. Rather sip Pepto Bismol.
    Skip the ice, add some lava.

  166. unknown116 says:

    Pick your poison. Take with caution.

  167. unknown116 says:

    Taking chances? What’s brewing is unknown.

  168. Alyssa says:

    Hopefully you dont remember this tomorrow.

  169. unknown116 says:

    “Burn me not as I partake.”

  170. Caleigh Denmark says:

    It is my latest lava lamp

  171. lpena1723 says:

    No way, not even with roofies.

  172. Autumn22 says:

    Pretty stalagmite cavern in a glass!

  173. Autumn22 says:

    Under water sea kelp looks potent.

  174. Autumn22 says:

    Sway me with the night rhythm.

  175. Autumn22 says:

    Seafoam on top. Kelp on bottom.

  176. Autumn22 says:

    Really, it started out so innocent!

  177. Autumn22 says:

    Does the Leaky Cauldron serve this?

  178. queenmab says:

    Call 911! My beer’s on fire!

  179. lofipi says:

    Hallowe’en chaser - not too much blood.

  180. lofipi says:

    Froth! Alcohol! Blood! It’s positively vampiric!

  181. lofipi says:

    Can I drink you? Just once?

  182. lofipi says:

    Louie Louie, ohhhh baby - gotta go!

  183. lofipi says:

    Rock. Hard place. Drink in middle.

  184. lofipi says:

    Six-word memoir about this? Impossible!

  185. lofipi says:

    (Six-word memoir about this? Implausible!)

  186. lofipi says:

    Pass the drink gently: you live.

  187. lofipi says:

    Pop Rocks rocked pop. Lava burns.

  188. lofipi says:

    Fourteen shots, but where am I?!!!

  189. lofipi says:

    Space cadet says: MORE Pop Rocks~!

  190. lofipi says:

    Can’t count. Submitted eleven. Please omit:

    “Pass the drink gently: you live.”

    (Still rockin’ six words per line!)

  191. DynamicDbytheC says:

    My energy drink experience, spontaneous combustion.

  192. tonny says:

    That’s the last thing I remember.

  193. tonny says:

    Interesting day for the sea monkeys.

  194. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Beer looked different six drinks ago.

  195. reid95 says:

    I disagree. Look at that

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