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Six-Word Caption Contest #4: Sifting Sixes

Monday, October 8th, 2012

By Larry Smith

SMITH and Shutterfly’s Six-Word caption contest continues. It’s like this: Each Monday morning we post a photo from Shutterfly on the Six-Word Memoir project and you have until Friday at 5pm EST to write a caption in six words—no more, no less. One winning caption writer receives a gift certificate for $50 for Shutterfly. Leave your six words to describe the photo you see here in the comments area below. You can submit up to 10 entries; read the official rules for more details.

Last week’s entries for the photo you see in this blog post were a blast to read. After chewing on the entries a while, we’re sticking with three-monkeys, who had popped out a number of catchy captions, including: “Antoni Gaudi’s first design, age 9.”; “Principal’s house. (We were outta eggs.)”; and our winning caption, “Our architect calls it ‘Urban Stucco.’” Thanks to all who entered and, uh, stuck with it.

Plus: SMITH is now taking submissions for our forthcoming book of illustrated Six-Word-Memoirs by students of all ages, a new eBook with the folks at the TED conference.

274 responses

  1. bevvie says:

    We didn’t know how to bronze!

  2. bevvie says:

    Be back later with a frame.

  3. KFitty says:

    Hop beside me, be my friends.

  4. maryjane31 says:

    Family will be buying new zorries.

  5. canadafreeze says:

    Odd. Footsteps usually make good impression.

  6. bevvie says:

    the family waltz. one. two. three.

  7. bevvie says:

    These little piggies love the beach.

  8. Miss Sally says:

    You put your left foot out…

  9. Miss Sally says:

    Side by side with every stride

  10. A says:

    Artificial limb, bungie jump – bad idea.

  11. DonnaG says:

    Generations to be humbled by Nature.

  12. mourningdove says:

    Mama,Papa, baby bear at beach.

  13. mourningdove says:

    CSI academy foot impression training class.

  14. TeaTopper says:

    I’m on my last three legs.

  15. Heather S. says:

    The feet wide, three generations long.

  16. Heather S. says:

    Send more socks. Signed, Mars Rover.

  17. Heather S. says:

    (Was supposed to be Three feet wide, three generations long. Whoops!)

  18. Whelp says:

    There’s three feet in the yard

  19. Ashley R. says:

    Time doesn’t last forever, love does.

  20. JAD says:

    We’re the family with happy feet.

  21. BMC says:

    We all grow up some day.

  22. maryjane31 says:

    Altogether now, shake those tootsie wootsies!

  23. maryjane31 says:

    A game called feet in sand.

  24. Jebcrg says:

    Polluted ocean waters creating weird anomalies?

  25. maryjane31 says:

    Its a hop, skip, and jump.

  26. Jebcrg says:

    Water pollution creating strange physical mutations.

  27. maryjane31 says:

    The tide took out our zorries!

  28. maryjane31 says:

    Stamp one foot. Just like cement!

  29. Jebcrg says:

    Alex, What does 0.9144 meters equal?

  30. Jebcrg says:

    Alex, what does 36 inches equal?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Homo erectus, one-legged evolution? Yes, Darwin.

  32. Amapola Blooming says:

    Don’t know what happened, but the previous one was also mine:

    Homo erectus, one legged-evolution? Yes, Darwin.

    One-legged happy family: common in Mars.

    In the end, only sand remained.

  33. kathi wright says:

    their half lives last an eternity

  34. maryjane31 says:

    Apparently someone’s foot fetish acting up.

  35. Anastasia says:

    You, Me, We
    Love Times Three

  36. Miss Sally says:

    Three dirty heels on the beach

  37. Miss Sally says:

    What an impression they have made!

  38. mourningdove says:

    Please wash those dirty little feet.

  39. Contemplative says:

    Really stepped in it this time.

  40. Miss Sally says:

    There’s just one foot between us

  41. Miss Sally says:

    That third foot makes tracking easy

  42. Miss Hannah says:

    Scientists link Flamingos to human evolution

  43. zsuzsa says:

    Sasquatch dancing–two left feet plus.

  44. bevvie says:

    archeologists find the missing Links family

  45. Lollo Kelly says:

    Cut loose, footloose and sandbox free!

  46. Lollo Kelly says:

    Beach encounter of the third kind

  47. marymc says:

    Previous life, this was my family.

  48. kisskissgirl says:

    Sands of time…foot by foot.

  49. TeaTopper says:

    Sandy’s Special Gingerbread. Old family recipe.

  50. Miss Sally says:

    You and me and a leprachaun

  51. Miss Sally says:

    The evolution of a three-toed sloth

  52. Mzejay says:

    You say you want an evolution.

  53. saundra says:

    family sticks together and walks together

  54. symbioptic says:

    Yes, three is the magic number !

  55. JAD says:

    Foot prints, DNA, all in sand.

  56. Layne says:

    Took the first step, got stuck.

  57. Staraj says:

    Footprints in the time of sand.

  58. DynamicDbytheC says:

    15 little piggies leave big impression.

  59. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Three small steps for vacationing mankind.

  60. Caitlyn says:

    Past, Present, Future. Filled with Love!

  61. Caitlyn says:

    A family vacation, filled with love

  62. Caitlyn says:

    Waves may crash but memories wont.

  63. ctgoods2 says:

    Like a three-legged race against time.

  64. Arsabi says:

    Threesomes’ awesome; sand, sun and fun.

  65. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Three’s Company meets Beach Blanket Bingo.

  66. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Big foot takes family on outing.

  67. BKP says:

    Mom and Dad…watch ME grow!

  68. BKP says:

    Alternate universe from the other side

  69. BKP says:

    Casting didn’t work on small foot.

  70. BKP says:

    Who messed with the last impression?

  71. Meghan says:

    One, two, three. Dad, mom, me.

  72. BKP says:

    My little boy, all grown up!

  73. Natalia says:

    Large, Medium, Small, We Are One

  74. TeaTopper says:

    Signature sandbox. No cats on premises,

  75. DFitty says:

    The evolution of humans by footprints

  76. ThielAndrew says:

    Give me something to lean on.

  77. Amapola says:

    He, me and our imaginary child.

  78. Kelly says:

    Feels great, no matter your size.

  79. Kelly says:

    Things get clearer as you age.

  80. Kelly says:

    You’re blessed if you see three.

  81. Kelly says:

    Have changed yet stayed the same.

  82. Kelly says:

    Loved it then, love it now.

  83. Kelly says:

    That little one means the most.

  84. Amapola says:

    “I win!”. Youngest triple twin stumped.

  85. kisskissgirl says:

    Incredible shrinking man on the beach.

  86. Miss Sally says:

    Getting off on the wrong foot

  87. Miss Sally says:

    Three left feet, three right brains

  88. kisskissgirl says:

    …and the winner by a toe!

  89. Debbie B says:

    Papa Bear. Mama Bear. Baby Bear.

  90. Ctgoods2 says:

    Forgive me if this repeats- suspecting tech issues at work.

    Shoes for sale. Irregulars. Half off.

  91. Shrooz says:

    Fleeting foot prints in the sand.

  92. Miss Sally says:

    Signed, three cowgirls in the sand

  93. lanaie says:

    As family we always stand together.

  94. lanaie says:

    We don’t always make good impressions

  95. karen says:

    life is stepping together

  96. karen says:

    no matter which foot step ahead

  97. Wench says:

    Each of us, only a footprint.

  98. maryjane31 says:

    Putting your very best foot forward.

  99. JAD says:

    Baby wouldn’t be still, kept wiggling.

  100. Glam Graphics says:

    Growing together through this cherished life.

  101. Glam Graphics says:

    Growing strong through the waves

  102. Glam Graphics says:

    Walking tall, staying strong, living life.

  103. Glam Graphics says:

    Footsteps of time passing us by.

  104. Erika Talley says:

    Dad, Mom and me together forever.

  105. Erika Talley says:

    I will follow your footprints always.

  106. Erika Talley says:

    Family Trip 2000, Sand Footprints Priceless!

  107. Rebecca Gonzalez says:

    This Little Piggy Went A Walkin’

  108. KFitty says:

    Before carbon, before global. Vintage bare.

  109. Whelp says:

    Three feet in a growth chart

  110. Whelp says:

    3ft 15 toes watch him grow

  111. Rosemary says:

    All Children Deserve a Positive Imprint

  112. Rosemary says:

    When We Go Our Love Remains

  113. Rosemary says:

    Nothing Can Wash Away Our Love

  114. Rosemary says:

    We are Family We Are Forever

  115. Rosemary says:

    When Waves Come We Stand Strong

  116. Rosemary says:

    Children Always Follow In Your Footsteps

  117. Rosemary says:

    You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

  118. Rosemary says:

    Please Be Careful How You Walk

  119. Rosemary says:

    Many Apples In Just One Seed

  120. Rosemary says:

    A Parent’s Legacy Is His Example

  121. Rosemary says:

    Love Will Keep Us Together Forever

  122. Rosemary says:

    All Children Deserve a Happy Childhood

  123. Rosemary says:

    Every Journey Starts With One Step

  124. Rosemary says:

    World Peace Starts Now With Us

  125. Rosemary says:

    Build Your House On A Rock

  126. Rosemary says:

    Kindness Is Your Child’s Best Example

  127. KFitty says:

    Dirty souls are almost never right.

  128. Rosemary says:

    Teach Compassion and Forgiveness Will Follow

  129. Rosemary says:

    Whose Footsteps Are You Following In?

  130. Rosemary says:

    That Was When God Carried You

  131. mourningdove says:

    Sands of time, days of life.

  132. mourningdove says:

    Three legged man burried in sand.

  133. mourningdove says:

    Three legged sand race winners photo.

  134. mellis says:

    Jesus is carrying us through again.

  135. Luci says:

    When together, we are a Family.

  136. Luci says:

    Together we walk as a family

  137. TeaTopper says:

    Up the dune without a buggy.

  138. JAD says:

    Feet in sands walk of fame.

  139. Redx3 says:

    You came, and there was us.

    You put your left foot in!

    Okay, whose foot is biggest? Mommy’s?!!

    Left march, hup, two, three, four!

    Daytona Beach, Jessica, 2. First sandcastle.

  140. Yvette Jarrell says:

    Our foot prints are inside out!

  141. Jessica C says:

    Ours for however short a time

  142. sonya says:

    there one was one,now there’s three

  143. sonya says:

    there once was one,nowt there is three

  144. LadyMac says:

    Short term art. Long term memory.

  145. Cristal says:

    Side by side we’ll always be.

  146. Cristal says:

    Life: One step at a time.

  147. Cristal says:

    Baby…Child….Man….life’s ordered steps.

  148. Cristal says:

    Every step you take I’m there.

  149. Cristal says:

    Bonded by love we walk together.

  150. Cristal says:

    Three generations side by side forever.

  151. songwriter says:

    Grew up loving sand beneath feet.

  152. songwriter says:

    Feet grow bigger, heart remains same.

  153. ruthgree says:

    had to hug to make this.

  154. Mourningdove says:

    Ouch! Hot concrete melted our feet!

  155. Mourningdove says:

    Impression, close family having great time.

  156. Mourningdove says:

    Mom taught us, leave good impression.

  157. Mourningdove says:

    Podiatrist, said to walk this way.

  158. Katie M says:

    Eenie, meenie, miny, mo- fifteen toes!!

  159. Katie M says:

    Carbon Footprint Reduction Project Progress Report

  160. JAD says:

    Next we’ll all get bronze shoes.

  161. maryjane31 says:

    It intrigues yet puzzles, defies description.

  162. grandmaj says:

    Simon says stand on one foot

  163. Rachael says:

    Touch our past, embrace our future.

  164. mzejay says:

    Three is company not a crowd.

  165. mzejay says:

    Golden sand and the three footprints.

  166. mzejay says:

    Three feets to the sand.

  167. mzejay says:

    They’re three feets to the sand.

  168. karinf says:

    A moment captured, footprints in sand

  169. SueB says:

    Stepping through the Footprints of Time.

  170. Alejandro Santana says:

    Father, mother, son…one lovely family.

  171. LadyMac says:

    Footprints of the Loch Ness monster.

  172. LadyMac says:

    Hey, wanna confound a future archeologist?

  173. LadyMac says:

    Benjamin Button’s day at the beach.

  174. LadyMac says:

    Sand, surf, sun. Nature’s hat trick.

  175. LadyMac says:

    The sharks must be hungry today.

  176. LadyMac says:

    Rising tide threatens crime scene investigation.

  177. Erin Bueche says:

    Love: Size Doesn’t Matter.

  178. Erin Bueche says:

    I grow, you grow, we grow.

  179. Erin Bueche says:

    Blessed to walk this Earth.

  180. Erin Bueche says:

    Together We Stand United In Freedom.

  181. Erin Bueche says:

    Able: Power, Skill, Means, Determination: Us.

  182. PV Harrington says:

    Darwin’s evolution theory has been triped!

  183. Laurie M says:

    Story of evolution in one step

  184. TeaTopper says:

    Beach volleyball brought them together, temporarily.

  185. R.Angeles says:

    One step and then tomorrow comes.

  186. maryjane31 says:

    Attention! Mess-up on the little foot.

  187. mzejay says:

    Twister in the sand, three winners.

  188. mzejay says:

    Final evidence of a summer past.

  189. joglo says:

    Family learns from each other’s print

  190. joglo says:

    The sharks ate our other foot!

  191. joglo says:

    Family upholds each others steps

  192. joglo says:

    walking together is living separately

  193. KFitty says:

    Last Place in Sand Sculpture Contest

  194. Bailey L says:

    Families who walk together, stay together!

  195. banjodanq says:

    Curiosity’s first photo of three-legged Martians

  196. banjodan says:

    Forensics exam, find the hidden clues

  197. banjodan says:

    Vow to leave footprints, not buttprints

  198. banjodan says:

    Footprints are washed away, memories remain

  199. Tillie says:

    Sandy little footprints on my heart.

  200. mzejay says:

    Like hourglass sand, soon to disappear.

  201. Live says:

    Just had deja vu…and again

  202. SueB says:

    Upon the Journey of our Lifes.

  203. mourningdove says:

    Better than a photo, vacation memories.

  204. Debbie says:

    I love my family in the sand!

  205. JAD says:

    Invisible man had nothing but footprints.

  206. Missy says:

    Family grows together following each foot.

  207. Bobbee says:

    Water washes away cirlce of life.

  208. Missy says:

    Families grow together following each step

  209. Halo says:

    3 feet never looked so big

  210. Halo says:

    Temporary in sand, permanent in heart

  211. Halo says:

    How we step into new memories

  212. Whelp says:

    Photo prints retrace a life’s footprints

  213. Halo says:

    Beach feet don’t fail me now

  214. Halo says:

    Grandma, what big feet you have!

    (Little Red Riding Hood)

  215. Halo says:

    Blink and you’ll miss them growing

  216. Halo says:

    Toe rings would spice this up

  217. Halo says:

    The pitter patter of little feet

  218. Whelp says:

    Footprints tide washes away memories remain

  219. Halo says:

    15 toes, 3 feet, ONE love

  220. Halo says:

    Siblings,head first, in quick sand

  221. l8leigh says:

    The one-legged family leaves its mark.

  222. l8leigh says:

    Following footprint discovery, Bigfoot now Bigfeet.

  223. l8leigh says:

    Dolores had difficulty shopping for shoes.

  224. l8leigh says:

    Dolores has difficulty shopping for shoes.

  225. Dalton says:

    We kids grow up so fast

  226. Dalton says:

    Good family memories set in sand

  227. Dalton says:

    3 is the best of numbers

  228. Dalton says:

    The sweet family memories always lasts

  229. Caleigh Denmark says:

    1) Want to grow up - but cant 

    2) It looks like sprinkles, not sand 

    3) Looking for my other lost partner 

    4) Washed away a long time ago

    5) The time passes so very quickly 

    6)  Lost the other - in the ocean 

  230. MeganS says:

    1) memorys to be washed away
    2) siblings travel in eachother’s foot prints
    3) only went to beach three times

  231. Caleigh Denmark says:

    1) Want to grow up - but cant.

    2) It looks like sprinkles, not sand.

    3) Looking for my other lost partner.

    4) Washed away a long time ago.

    5) The time passes so very quickly.

    6)  Lost the other - in the ocean.

  232. Kaylen B says:

    One family member is not there.
    2. Thats what it used it be.
    3. Big little small baby mom dad
    4. One family member is not theirs.
    5. Memories in sand soon washed away.
    6. Ape caveman now it is possible.

  233. Maddie says:

    1) Let the wave come, wash away.
    2) Why is my footprint not there.
    3) Once child, twice immature, now lost.
    4) Not ready to grow up yet.

  234. Ruth B. says:

    1. Wait! Why did the sand rise?
    2. Stepped in sand, took it home.
    3. Looks like the cavemen were here.
    4. I wish this was in concrete.
    5. Ephemeral steps, ever lasting emotional memories.

  235. Ashley says:

    Father, mother, child. A family unbroken.

  236. Ashley says:

    Footsteps through the sands of time.

  237. Lisa says:

    You are my heart and sole!

  238. Surya says:

    Have anchored feelings but drowned footsteps

  239. Diana says:

    In time, we step forward together…

  240. Lindsy says:

    Leave your mark, love a child.

  241. Amy T says:

    When they grow up - we cry

  242. alan says:

    Fifteen toes and three small feet

  243. alan says:

    I carry you on my shoulders

  244. alan says:

    Shoes! overrated, overhyped, and overpriced

  245. Jennifer says:

    Every step, remembers our journey!

  246. Jennifer says:

    Footsteps will carry us forever together!

  247. Angela Martinez says:

    Love, hope, pain, can = insain

  248. Jennifer N says:

    Each step leads to tomorrow’s future.

  249. T says:

    Wait, he’s not one of us!

  250. Ashifa says:

    Follow You, Follow Me

  251. Omally says:

    Having three mismatched legs is hard.

  252. Jean Barnes says:

    Three generations of happy feet

  253. Amelia says:

    Daddy-Bear, Mummy-Bear and Baby-Bear

  254. Diamond says:

    Three feet buried in the deep

  255. Diamond says:

    Three decades past,still soul searching…

  256. Diamond says:

    Footprints left yesterday,history begins today

  257. Kylie says:

    As I follow you, I believe…

  258. Maneesh says:

    Life is nothing but our story….

  259. Miss Sally says:

    They will never find us here!

  260. Preethi S says:

    Together we live. together we fade.

  261. Preethi S says:

    Golden memories inscribed, divine childhood days!

  262. Melissa S says:

    Today , Tomorrow , Forever. Imprint of love

  263. Jen P says:

    Side by side, step by step.

  264. Emerson says:

    Having a wonderful time. Send flip-flops.

    Tracking the Happy Family: Field Report

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