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Monday, September 17th, 2012

By Larry Smith

A New Caption Contest with Shutterfly
We’re teaming up with Shutterfly, a company as obsessed with personal expression as we are, for a new weekly Six-Word challenge. Each Monday morning we’ll post a photo from Shutterfly on the Six-Word Memoir project and you’ll have until Friday at 5pm EST to submit a six-word caption. One savvy caption writer will receive a gift certificate for $50 on Shutterfly. Leave your six words to describe the photo you see here in the comments area below. You can submit up to 10 entries (or as many as you like but only the first 10 will be considered for the contest); read the official rules for more detail then you probably want.

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225 responses

  1. TawnyPort says:

    Shadow’s missing out on these shoes.

  2. NumbrOneAunt says:

    I’m shadow of my current self.

  3. canadafreeze says:

    The shoes match. Does the bag?

  4. SonnetArtist says:

    No mirrors, only shadows. Truth hurts.

  5. treehugger says:

    I look taller in the mirror.

  6. Ms. Q says:

    Shadows encapsulate a being’s whole mind.

  7. bevvie says:

    Hello, let’s get this day started!

  8. bevvie says:

    New shoes? Check. Old friend? Check.

  9. bevvie says:

    Looking shady, but I’m with you.

  10. islandmom says:

    Why don’t feet have shadows, too?

  11. bevvie says:

    Smile! It’s a sunny shoe day!

  12. Wench says:

    Hey, shadow, move outta my way!

  13. Wench says:

    Always stepping on the damn cracks.

  14. Wench says:

    Can I reuse one I’ve already written?

    “City streets made a concrete girl.”

  15. Wench says:

    Looking down, I missed the view.

  16. carol says:

    Deja Vu. Chasing shadow. Not again!

  17. bevvie says:

    One sexy shade of grey

  18. TeaTopper says:

    I should have worn a skirt.

  19. John Roedel says:

    93-million miles later sunbeam realizes dream!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Can always depend on my shadow.

  21. Redx3 says:

    Concrete silhouette swiped my new shoes.

  22. ctgoods says:

    One step forward; two on back.

  23. Believe says:

    Sun on my shoulders. Headed forward.

  24. mauraborealice says:

    My Shadow and Me go places.

  25. mauraborealice says:

    One cloud and you are gone!

  26. NumbrOneAunt says:

    Truly, it’s all about the shoes!

  27. TeaTopper says:

    His mother stared at my feet.

  28. rabbithole says:

    Don’t remember having this many freckles.

  29. JAD says:

    Me and shadow in this together.

  30. JAD says:

    You will never duplicate my shoes.

  31. bevvie says:

    I thought my waistline was smaller!

  32. bevvie says:

    Oops! Overdid the smoky eyes today!

  33. kathi wright says:

    life’s full of sunshine and shadows….

  34. rabbithole says:

    That girl’s two-dimensional purse kicks ass!

  35. kathi wright says:

    walk a mile in my shoes!

  36. kathi wright says:

    it’s a concrete jungle out there….

  37. kathi wright says:

    yin, yang; dark, light; left, right

  38. kathi wright says:

    woman, strong back - fear no crack….

  39. kathi wright says:

    i’m walking on sunshine…kinda, sorta….

  40. kathi wright says:

    aggravated by aggregate, she took steps…

  41. Believe says:

    Not as weathered as the pavement.

  42. rabbithole says:

    The shadow thinks it’s an eclipse.

  43. JAD says:

    Would you get off my tail!

  44. TeaTopper says:

    She’s a new girl in town.

  45. Wench says:

    There goes my mother’s back bone.

  46. Wench says:

    Having a one-dimensional kinda day.

  47. treehugger says:

    A shadow never sees the sun.

  48. JAD says:

    You can’t claim my shoes, sorry.

  49. scribblingscribe says:

    I’m too sexy for my shadow.

  50. scribblingscribe says:

    Look short. Shoulda bought the heels.

  51. scribblingscribe says:

    Oversized purse. Comfortable flats. Sidewalk sales!!!

  52. PV Harrington says:

    Love these shadow-conquering knee patches

  53. PV Harrington says:

    Love these shadow-resistant knee patches

  54. canadafreeze says:

    Nice shoes. Get off my shadow.

  55. mourningdove says:

    Does shadow make me look fat?

  56. mourningdove says:

    Summer’s silhouette. Bright shoes. Grey shades.

  57. LadyMac says:

    Cannot stop admiring shoes. Collision inevitable.

  58. LadyMac says:

    Photograph of my shadow on vacation.

  59. LadyMac says:

    Feet on ground. Heart on sleeve.

  60. mourningdove says:

    Five-o’clock shadow, frozen in fresh concrete.

  61. mourningdove says:

    These shoes, going the extra mile.

  62. LadyMac says:

    Shadows don’t have a good side.

  63. LadyMac says:

    Alone time: rewarding my #1 fan.

  64. mourningdove says:

    Meet me where the sidewalk ends.

  65. mourningdove says:

    My feet are set in concrete.

  66. mourningdove says:

    Always afraid of her own shadow.

  67. mourningdove says:

    Pounded the pavement, blistered feet aching.

  68. mourningdove says:

    Transfixed she stared at her shadow.

  69. NumbrOneAunt says:

    Bring it on! Got the shoes!

  70. Contemplative says:

    Stepped on the crack. Foreshadowing doom.

  71. Jean says:

    My shadow’s always changing, like me.

  72. JAD says:

    Shadows: Don’t tell the whole story.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me! I’m in my way.

  74. Raised_by_wolves says:

    One small step for a woman…

  75. Raised_by_wolves says:

    Taking Jimmy Choo’s for test drive.

  76. Raised_by_wolves says:

    Emelda hit the concrete seeking slingbacks

  77. Raised_by_wolves says:

    Walk a mile in these moccasins!

  78. Raised_by_wolves says:

    Are you looking for a date?

  79. Raised_by_wolves says:

    You’re not a Policeman, are you?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Zero cracks in my flawless shadow.

  81. Steve__Anthony says:

    Choo? Chanel? Only her shadow knows.

  82. Steve__Anthony says:

    Jesus, Water. Me, cracks and shadows.

  83. Raised_by_wolves says:

    It’s really a jungle out here.

  84. Steve__Anthony says:

    Shadows. Cracks. And cute girlie shoes.

  85. Steve__Anthony says:

    Call me the silhoutte of style.

  86. Steve__Anthony says:

    Cute puppies on hard hot pavement.

  87. Steve__Anthony says:

    In pursuit of all things totally sexy.

  88. TeaTopper says:

    No one will know they’re knock-offs.

  89. TeaTopper says:

    Single again. I can do this!

  90. mzejay says:

    Clicking my heels and heading home.

  91. Steve__Anthony says:

    My shadows have never defined me.

  92. Steve__Anthony says:

    Cracks. These shoes. Mom’s back understands.

  93. mzejay says:

    I’ve checked, good things around corner.

  94. zsuzsa says:

    Peter Pan has nothing on me.

  95. Pseudonym_Girl says:

    Step on crack. Shadow stares back.

  96. Morningdove says:

    Walked on wild side, feet cried.

  97. Ms. Killie says:

    Got new shoes. Overshadowed entire outfit.

  98. Ms. Killie says:

    Followed shadow to whole new me.

  99. Ms. Killie says:

    Tired soles, shadowy past. Bright future!

  100. PV Harrington says:

    Oh no! I’ve been Jackson Pollocked!

  101. LadyMac says:

    Why won’t this bloody camera work?

  102. DynamicDbytheC says:

    Dark side looms large in summer.

  103. orangeblossom says:

    No longer a shadow of myself.

  104. scribblingscribe says:

    Hmmmm. Great place for some hopscotch!

  105. favepeep says:

    Where do you think you’re going?

  106. favepeep says:

    “You put your left foot in…”

  107. JAD says:

    Let’s stop meeting like this, ok?

  108. mourningdove says:

    Mom, how is your back feeling?

  109. rabbithole says:

    Yes, my future chalk outline. Funny.

  110. rabbithole says:

    Knew we should have coordinated outfits.

  111. rabbithole says:

    You’re tired? Try being three dimensional.

  112. rabbithole says:

    Get up immediately, you’re embarrassing me!

  113. oopsalittle says:

    Wearing wrong shade of grey again.

  114. Anonymous says:

    Left then right, Outta my way!

  115. MsKillie says:

    Decided to follow shadow’s lead today.

  116. MsKillie says:

    Should have worn boots, concretes unforgiving.

  117. MsKillie says:

    Started day shopping, ended up shadowboxing.

  118. Bobbee says:

    Finally peaceful, just shadow and I.

  119. ksusa says:

    Not even I sabotage these shoes.

  120. ksusa says:

    Living in shadows redefines peep toes.

  121. ksusa says:

    It’s not all black and white.

  122. songwriter says:

    My shadow stands taller than me.
    I look better in my shadow.
    My shadow doesn’t display my smile.

  123. songwriter says:

    Outfit not comfortable. Shadow doesn’t mind.

  124. Amapola says:

    Shadow walks while my shoes watch.

  125. Amapola says:

    Ghostly shadows floats on pavement’s mirror.

  126. Amapola says:

    That should have read: Ghostly shadow floats on pavement’s mirror.

  127. Steelpony says:

    Jimmy Hoffa had shoes like this.

  128. Steelpony says:

    Walked a mile, where’s my Camel?

  129. Amapola says:

    Handbag thief also stole my shadow.

  130. Amapola says:

    Ceci c’est n’est pas une ombre.

  131. Amapola says:

    Expensive handbag is just an illusion.

  132. Amapola says:

    More chic shadow than real chick.

  133. Amapola says:

    Cigarette bud burned my flimsy ego.

  134. Bobbee says:

    Shadow Crossing: Please stand behind me.

  135. Bobbee says:

    Miles walked, shadow appears, together again.

  136. Dean6805 says:

    Shadow can’t measure up to me.

  137. Steve__Anthony says:

    Now how does this camera work?

  138. Steve__Anthony says:

    Stepping on cracks. Matter of style.

  139. Steve__Anthony says:

    I’m too sexy for these cracks.

  140. Angel Zapata says:

    Eddie’s cross-dressing illusion is temporary.

  141. Angel Zapata says:

    Marie receives her prosthetic arm today.

  142. Angel Zapata says:

    Stuck between shoe and shadow: bubblegum.

  143. Angel Zapata says:

    New purse: another successful shoplifting experience.

  144. bevvie says:

    I walk. You carry the purse

  145. kathi wright says:

    me, my shadow, and jimmy choo’s…

  146. sisterpoet says:

    Project 50 shades, only one concrete

  147. sisterpoet says:

    Casting shaded reminders of concrete truth

  148. sisterpoet says:

    Stopped running long enough to hide

  149. sisterpoet says:

    Soft shadows, hard truth, I’m lost

  150. Erin Cole says:

    But she didn’t have a purse.

  151. Erin Cole says:

    I turned off the stove, right?

  152. Erin Cole says:

    She couldn’t watch the approaching asteroid.

  153. Erin Cole says:

    They didn’t take me to Kansas.

  154. mzejay says:

    I know what the shadow knows.

  155. mzejay says:

    My future’s so bright, it’s shaded.

  156. Harry B. Sanderford says:

    Chewbacca’s one weakness was pretty shoes.

  157. favepeep says:

    Subtle you are not, my shadow.

  158. favepeep says:

    Studies show: shadows are shady characters.

  159. favepeep says:

    Sunny days and shadows; working hand-in-hand.

  160. favepeep says:

    Shadow getting more compliments than me.

  161. favepeep says:

    My shadow needs much better lighting.

  162. favepeep says:

    Research shows: shadows aren’t shady characters.

  163. favepeep says:

    Shadow has more curves than me.

  164. Savita says:

    My shadow looks more like me.

  165. GKC says:

    Don’t tread on me!

  166. -K- says:

    MY shadow is on the moon!

  167. -K- says:

    Real time, street view, google maps…

  168. -K- says:

    It will be a long winter.

  169. -K- says:

    Shadows are playing tricks on me…

  170. -K- says:

    I didn’t make this we(a)k shadow…

  171. -K- says:

    Maybe I’ll be back next week.

  172. DynamicDbytheC says:

    I’m haunted daily by my shadow.

  173. Ann says:

    Follow me, I’ll take you places!

  174. Ann says:

    Follow me, I’ll take you places.

  175. trish says:

    Me,myself,my shadow and I

  176. Addie says:

    Do I really look like that?

  177. Sandra says:

    Foot hits pavement. New day dawns.

  178. Mckenna says:

    Shadowed twin forgot my eccentric shoes

  179. Amber C says:

    Stepping in the shadow of truth

  180. oopsalittle says:

    Shadow more attention seeking than me.

  181. sayakacen says:

    walking in the shadow of life

  182. Michelle O says:

    Wow, my shadow looks really good!!


    Even shadows reflect sense of style;-)

  184. habitater says:

    Shadowed landshape of dreams to come

  185. Fiberlily says:

    Some things we can never escape

  186. Elaine says:

    Shades of light, remember me tonight

  187. Elaine says:

    Dressed with expectations, filled with misgivings

  188. Elaine says:

    Outline in gray walking my way

  189. Danielle says:

    Well, my shoes look fantastic, butt…

  190. Anonymous says:

    My shadow knows all my moves

  191. jermball30 says:

    With this uzi, who’ll notice shoes?

  192. jermball30 says:

    Excuse me, you’re in my light.

  193. Tina says:

    Crap……my camera went off again!!!

  194. Tina says:

    These shoes have seen better light

  195. Tina says:

    I’m walking on sunshine…..oooooh yeah!!!!

  196. Tina says:

    This shadow capture’s my good side!!

  197. suzanne says:

    Come on, don’t be scared!

  198. suzanne says:

    Hurry, there’s a sale!

  199. rach says:

    Here I am. I love myself.

  200. ritajophoto says:

    The world passed beneath her feet

  201. faith says:

    Stepping forward into the unknown.

  202. faith says:

    Standing on strong legs!

  203. faith says:

    I am stepping out, standing firm!

  204. AdventurerEva says:

    Ageless Beauty Captured in my Shadow

  205. Nicole says:

    Shoes seeking shadow to share walks

  206. Nicole says:

    Caught a shutterfly in my shadow

  207. mark says:

    The shadow of a lonely figure.
    Beauty is always on the inside.
    The beauty of the morning shadow.
    Shadows can be just as beautiful.
    Don’t despair for I am here.
    We walk this dark world together.
    Shadows do delight the morning light.

  208. Shawna says:

    You are your own best friend

  209. Steve Schohan says:

    A shadow of my former self.

  210. Steve Schohan says:

    The groundhog says winter will continue

  211. Steve Schohan says:

    This shadow is a fashion reflection

  212. Steve Schohan says:

    Make haste, I’m gone at sundown

  213. Steve Schohan says:

    The shadow didn’t really know anything.

  214. Steve Schohan says:

    Shadows and laps share common traits

  215. Steve Schohan says:

    My shadow is a sneaky bastard!

  216. Steve Schohan says:

    Prove to prove that’s my shadow.

  217. Steve Schohan says:

    Don’t box me in I’m your shadow

  218. Steve Schohan says:

    Capture your shadow in a box.

  219. Steve Schohan says:

    Shadow dancing into the next millennium

  220. Redx3 says:

    Me, myself and I: a family portrait

  221. Mobbeta says:

    Give me my purse back, thief!

  222. Scarletnight says:

    Look Inside Where the Flavor Hides

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