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“Ruby lips, emerald eyes, I’m jaded.” The Best Six-Word-Memoirs of the Week

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

By Lucy Tiven

This week’s Six-Word Memoirs don’t lack attitude. As you read, remember to embrace the changes that come with the fall weather with as much honest and wit as these authors.

Best Slant Rhyme: “My outsides changing, insides not engaging.” - AstonishinglyPoetic
Toughest Narrative Arc: “Reluctant runner in the human race.” - Loon
Best New Look: “Ruby lips, emerald eyes, I’m jaded.” - Bullitt
Toughest Transition: “Gym class, as a trans-boy… Hell.” - Calliandra_Logyn, one of the most commented memoirs of the week.
Most Humble Beginnings: “Career began with box of crayons.” - Believe, with a wonderful backstory (profile picture above)
Grooviest Teen: “I am rocking myself into oblivion.” - ArtfulPerplexity, from SMITH Teens

Plus: Welcome back teachers and students! Here’s a lesson plan idea: Six-Word Memoirs. Download our free teacher’s guides. And check out our call for submissions for our forthcoming book of illustrated Six-Word-Memoirs by students of all ages, a new eBook with the folks at the TED conference.

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