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Six-Word Search: “Run”

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

By Yael Roberts

A runner isn’t just an athlete in Nike shoes. Running away or running out of words are universal phenomenon. Hearts run brains, as much as other people often run our lives. Even sentences can stretch out by running-on. People run away from themselves, afraid to confront their fears. As fall begins, and the days of summer run out even as those running for office take the national stage at the conventions, it’s tempting to consider running away to someplace else. These SMITH users have their own take on running, so run wild with their memoirs below. And as ultramarather Dean Karnazes reminded us in the first book of Six-Word Memoirs, “When all else fails, start running.”

Training run before the city’s awake.

Feeling invisible. Everyone runs into me.

Fingers running wild on the keyboard!

I want to run from myself.

By running away I discovered myself.

I’ve recently run out of words.

Heart is running my brain now.

Veins running down wrists like tattoos.

Run-on sentences come to rolling stops.

Running in place awaiting close date.

In my dreams I run wild.

Running from lust, Love caught me.

Running out of distractions to heartache.

If only you knew, you’d run.

Running from parents, we became parents.

Fear runs deep, hope runs deeper.
- Colywog

Slow runner, slow learner, fast lover.

Sing. Dance. Swear. Linger. Smile. Run.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Steve.Gamer32.

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5 responses

  1. bevvie says:

    love the searches!

  2. zsuzsa says:

    Reboot brain. Run scan. Download words.

  3. ??? ??? | Yiu Kwong Chan | Fitz • Get Moving says:

    [...] ?????? Smith Magazine: [...]

  4. Madds. says:

    Running rescued me from severe depression

  5. Madds. says:

    It’s a 6 word memoir ^^

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