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Six-Word Search: “Away”

Monday, July 30th, 2012

By Yael Roberts

Summer is the time to get away: from work, school, or even ourselves. Yet even the summer eventually fades and passes. People we love move on and drift far away. Soon September is here, and we’re back to running away from responsibilities before everything we’ve gotten away with catches up to us. These SMITH users have ‘a way’ with words, so let their memoirs take you away—because sometimes vacation can be as close to home as hiding under the covers.

Traveling is like running away temporarily.
It’s Just Too Mainstream

Words fluttered away from pen’s grasp.

My imagination ran away from home.

Septembers are too far away now.

Responsible adult, has running away fantasies.

8th grade getaway= success + weird sunburn.

Mind raced away, left body shipwrecked.

Getaway driver needed. Stole his heart.

Walked away. Forsook romance. Maintained self-respect.

My Brooklyn accent gives me away.

I stopped wishing my time away.

Dad passed away. Left a hole.

Imaginary future self eases away worry.

My intentions get away from me.

Eternal summers will still fade away.

Contented faces tucked away in bed.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user lel4nd.

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