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Six-Word Search: Our Personal “Olympics”

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

By Lucy Tiven

With the Summer Olympic Trials upon us, no wonder Sixers can’t help but talk about their own special talents. Whether you’ll be polishing off a routine on the balance beam or polishing a nice pint glass to fill up as you sit back and watch the games, it’s okay to brag a little about your areas of expertise. Click each name to read more Six-Word Memoirs from any of these gold medal worthy authors!

I made the Olympic lardass team. – BanjoDan

Is jumping through hoops in Olympics? – hieronimo

Awarded gold medal, passive aggressive Olympics. – notjustagirlintheworld

Forewent Olympic Trials. Instead, had baby. - MemoirOfMe

My daughter. Olympic gold medalist. Hurling. – Believe

Gold medalist: Olympic cheese eating team. – BGourley

Jumping to conclusions. An Olympic sport? – lannie6

Flirting for sport: catch and release. – LeeLee485

Official Sixer to the 2012 Olympics. – Steve Anthony

Gold medaled, Haight-Ashbury 1966 Olympic Mind-Games. – raised_by_wolves

Olympic fever! seems more like flu. – Litsa Dremousis

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2 responses

  1. bevvie says:

    I’ll give a 10 to these!

  2. dan says:

    Thanks for this feature on Olympic six words!

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