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“I put the fun in dysfunctional.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

By Lucy Tiven

This week, SMITH’s  Six-Word Memoirs went a little mental. Even before Dean6805’s Friday word of the day prompt: “slump,” something about the past few days seems to have pushed writers towards the dejected side of the narrative spectrum. If you’re feeling a bit lachrymose this Friday, know that this too will pass. Your story deserves to be heard, and you’re not alone. Whether it’s true cheer or just a foul weather friend you’re after, check out this week’s best Six-Word Memoirs (and click on any author’s name for more stories).

Most Turbulent: “Can’t check guilt; fills my carry-on.” - marymc, Friday’s Six-Word Memoir of the Day.
Toughest Narrative Arc: “Monday-slump; Wednesday-rut; Friday-ditch.” - BanjoDan
Most Innovative Sentence Structure: “ i.rre.g.ula.ri.t.y dri…vin.g m.e. cra……….zy.” - Amapola
Best Wordplay: “I put the fun in dysfunctional.”- SnowGirl
Happiest Ending: “I’m the fat lady that sings.” - oopsalittle (profile picture above)
Most Inventive Shelter: “Hiding behind walls of imaginary worlds.” - ServantoftheValar, from SMITHteens.

Plus: Pass on the word about SMITH’s call for submissions of illustrated Six-Word-Memoirs by students of all ages, a new eBook with the TED conference’s new book division!

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6 responses

  1. L2L3 says:

    I cannot believe that a quip so popularized for so many decades was submitted on this site and was given recognition as though original material. Shame on you for your “dysfunction” submission. Sorry, the comments are not always love and sunshine but they are sometimes timely and appropriate.

  2. MsMins says:

    I have to agree with L2L3, that phrase is all the place. Memoirs of the Week should be extraordinary, original thoughts!

  3. canadafreeze says:

    I, too, have seen the phrase before. Perhaps a note in the backstory reflecting the unknown origin would have been appropriate. Six words and originality … Sometimes a difficult combination to achieve.

  4. Wench says:

    It’s not original, but several of us were bouncing back and forth ‘I put the __ in __’ memoirs that day, it was one of many. We were having fun. I don’t know that anyone was necessarily checking if their memoir was original and I think it was basically understood that they weren’t necessarily. No one asks to be featured, the majority of my featured pieces were a surprise to me. I’m sure this piece was picked as a reference to the light-hearted ‘banter’ we had going. Can we just go a week or so without someone’s balloon being popped? Please?

  5. SnowGirl says:

    Just now found this discussion. There was indeed a backstory to what I posted. I am new (and was even newer then!) when I posted the fun in dysfunctional thing and at first didn’t realize what the backstory was. It was a bit confusing. After the harassing posts from a certain person I was sent a kind message telling me about the backstory feature. By then I thought why bother? It would look like backpeddling or something. So I left it as is. It’s been enlightening to see who foments discord in the name of “the community” and what “the community” accepts when it was a higher-up at SMITH who chose to highlight it. :)

  6. jerry lee tyner says:

    I put the me in comment

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